Prague Airport Taxi

Airport Prague Taxi

Prag Airport Taxi | Book online You will be greeted by your chauffeur when landing at Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG). The Welcome team is always clear about your ETA and your departure gates and there is no need to worry even if your flights are late. Drivers will help you by transporting your luggage and taking you to the car you have chosen for your journey.

Do you want advice on how to better get the most out of your Prague trip? Simply unwind and make sure you get a comfortable shuttle from Prague Airport. Stylish limousine taxi is the ideal choice if you travel with your 4-person familiy, but even bigger groups can be accommodated, as minivans are always available for transfers from Prague Airport (PRG) to downtown Prague.

Arriving on schedule, we had a very knowledgeable guide who brought us to our Prague hotels, we reserved them for the trip back and everything went so smoothly.... We used this facility for the first in Budapest 2 week ago. There was a certain delay in our plane, but as soon as I came to the luggage reclaim, the chauffeur was in the agreement....

The Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG), formerly known as Prague Ruzyn? International Airport, is the most advanced and biggest airport in the Czech Republic. The airport of Prague is only 18 km away from the Prague inner center and if the streets are not overloaded, a taxi drive to the center of Prague will take about 35 min.

Once your transfers start, take the Aviatická motorway to Evropská motorway until you arrive at the Bubenská main street. Traffic-heavy aerodromes such as Václav Havel (PRG) are usually crowded. Spending your free moments at Prague Airport after a long trip can be very unpleasant.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to arrange your airport taxi transfers with your locals. Welcome is there, however, to organise your transfers from Prague Airport in a very simple and personal way. All you have to do is let your chauffeur help you with your baggage and take advantage of your stress-free and speedy journey to Prague.

Would you like to escape the difficulties of traveling by mass transit to get to your hotels on schedule and have more free travel with you? An airport taxi from Prague Airport (PRG) to your accomodation is the perfect choice.

The airport taxi in Prague are available around the clock and provide a great and fast taxi and taxi experience. Registered taxi fares at Prague Airport (PRG) are about 27 (694 CZK) for the distance from the airport to the center of Prague. It is therefore advisable to reserve your taxi trip from Prague Airport in advance. If the taxi industry's mainstream business does not meet your needs, Welcome increases its commitment by being the first to provide unparalleled and superior travelling experience.

Indeed, Welcome will be at your side in every possible way (transfer, skip-the-line ticket, information) until you reach Prague Airport (PRG) and leave the town. Will a Welcome Prague Airport Taxi Transfers be performed by an authorised driver? After I have booked my taxi, what happens?

Once you have booked your taxi journey, you will get an e-mail confirming all the particulars of your taxi journey. Additionally, 4 and a half working days before your airport pick up, a second e-mail will be sent to your mailbox containing your driver's information (phone number, full name and photo).

This will make it simpler for you to ID him when you get to the airport.

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