Helicopter to Atlantic City

Chopper to Atlantic City

Travel between Manhattan and Atlantic City at a time of your choice in your own helicopter. Get on one of our luxurious helicopters and start your relaxing holiday in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Safe, fast, private helicopter service to Casino Resorts. Foxwoods, Resorts World. Chopper charter from New York to Atlantic City, Hamptons and beyond!

From Manhattan to the Atlantic City Casino, in less than an hours from next stop.

Services between White Plains and Miami are provided by Corporate Flight Management, Inc. Blade serves as the airline's agency for other services, whereby helicopter services provided by Blade are performed by various carriers, among them Helicopter Flight Services, Zip Aviation and other FAA/DOT-licensed carriers, and other Fixed Winged services performed by Lima NY Corp. or other FAA/DOT-licensed carriers.

Furthermore, Blade serves as the customer's agents on charter services to all locations with total airspace.

Atlantis City Helicopter Charter

When you leave New York City below, you can enjoy the views of the city from above. Drive through New York Harbor, where you can see the vast New Jersey Shorebeach. Cluttering up the skies on an exclusively designed expressway is a welcome contrast to the bumper-to-bumper travel you see on New Jersey Highways.

Seeing the target's cityscape, one notices that from New York City one races on the quickest and most beautiful route to Atlantic City (about 55 min. each way). What a relaxed way to begin a promenade. Take advantage of our immediate quotation and reservation system or call 914-450-2635 to book your helicopter charters in Atlantic City today!

New York City helicopter charter to Atlantic City for business or personal use

Atlantic City is the ideal place to move from animal life to the night life. Not only do you fly to Atlantic City and safe your travel experience, a helicopter charters gives you enough to relax and prepare to dive into one of the most scenic resorts in the north-east.

No matter if you want to explore the beach and promenade, see the rich casino community or the Miss America Pageant venue, Atlantic City charters take you there quickly and securely. Our charters are operated by highly skilled professionals who are able to serve Atlantic City as well as other major cities.

You will make sure that your journey is comfortably, comfortably and entertaining. For booking group and individual bookings call us at 212-361-606060. Working with all our customers, we design the best available routes to meet all budget and schedule requirements. For booking group and individual bookings call us at 212-361-606060.

Working with all our customers, we design the best available flight plans to meet all budget and schedule requirements.

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