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Food, drink and interactive experiences are the focus of the World's Fare. Latest tweets from The World's Fare (@theworldsfare): Jackson Heights, New York. World tariff An enormous incident from New York's holy past is returning to Queens this past year. A 1964 New York World's Fair piece, The World's Fare celebrated equity and plurality by presenting 100 suppliers of diverse foods and arts from different civilizations. Kuratiert the meal by prominent Tastemakern and a Komitee, to which the well-known Chef Claus Meyer, the authoress, lady journalist coworker and culinary Expertin Jessica B.

Harris as well as the Street Fooduru KF Seetoh from Singapore belong.

In addition to food, you'll find a full range of musical and artistic facilities, including a 6-foot LEGO and Japan calligraphic unisphere.

The ' World's Fare' Passport Series will bring worldwide flavours to Long Island City from September this year.

Try meals based on international cuisine at a range of funny venues that come to Long Island City's waterside promenade this autumn. It is a sequel to the " World's Fare " by Festive Media, the huge Citi Field foods event that attracted more than 10,000 visitors to Citi Field who sampled foods and beverages from over 100 suppliers.

Influenced by the legendary 1964-65 World Expo, which attracted thousands of people to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park to eat and see innovations. Participants at each meeting can sample a range of local dishes, drinks and guest performances. Snips said the Passport Series will act as a link to the second World' s Fare edition, which will take place in early 2019.

Every meeting takes place on Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00 o'clock. Venue is easy to reach from 7, 8, E, M, GL and RM lines, Hunterspoint Avenue LIRR train stations and NYC Ferry LIC and Hunters Point South stations. In order to buy a ticket or get information about the show, please go to the World's Fare website.

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