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On Thursday Charter Communications announced that it will close its Lincoln Call Center. How do I find my home office? You are currently located in . Well, we haven't been able to determine your whereabouts. Fill in your postcode: If this is not the case, please refresh your postal address.

When it' s accurate, please go to to get in touch with the local service company or call 1-855-394-6832. If this is not the case, please refresh your postal address.

When it is accurate, your service can be provided by Spectrum. Please have a look at for information about available product, service and help. If this is not the case, please refresh your postal code. Correctly, your service can be provided by Bright House Networks. You can find information about our service and our customer care at

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Livonia: Charter Communications cuts 60 people in Livland

<font color="#ffff00">Charter Communications, Inc. slashes 60 positions and closes the service division at its site in Livonia, while the business is shifting its emphasis to bigger call centres, say officers. However, the company's Spectrum offices at 14525 Farmington Road are not expecting to shut down, and officers say that moving to bigger call centres should enhance services for CATV, ISP and telephone.

"Said the whole (Livonia) plant will not be shut down as a consequence of this action," said Paul Marchand, executive vice-president of HR, in a statement to the mayor of the city of Sydney, Dennis Wright, and the state of Michigan. Mr Marchand said that the last date for the 60 staff in Livland is likely to be 28 August.

Only a few workingdays after the company unveiled that it was firing 51 operatives on the western side of the state, it is coming to a halt. Mr Bill Morand, the company's chief regional communication officer, said the Livonian operation will continue to employ more than 125 people, among them engineers and others. Mr. Morand said that Charter Communication has a total of more than 2,100 staff members servicing local churches in Miami, such as Livonia, Novi, Redford, Farmington, Farmington Hills and Monroe.

Mr Marchand said that at the end of June Livland staff were informed that their job losses had occurred. Said they could try out for positions elsewhere in the organization. "Wright and the Office of Talent Policy and Planing at Michigan Workforce Development write in his August 2 correspondence to Wright that this campaign is likely to be sustained.

Mr Marchand said that workers are not unionised and have no "push rights" for work. These changes are related to Spectrum's policy of providing better service to customers in major call centres, where Morand said the business can make information, education and technologies much more efficient. "We also know that this is a tough period for our people in Livonia who are affected by this decision," he said.

Mr. Morand said that Charter Communications has worked with staff to deliver "comprehensive termination benefits", which include, for the time being, "continued pay, medical coverage and displacement service. "Morand said the firm still has 100 staff working in the southeastern Michigan area, with about 200 sales engineers locally providing installations and service to households and companies.

Said Charter Communications is planning to recruit up to 30 new full-time field staff to service the southeastern market of Michigan. He said that Charter Communications would be responsible for the company's growth. Two years after Charter Communications, headquartered in Stamford, Conn., the latest innovations are coming. today announces its intention to take over Bright House Networks (Spectrum) and the major telecom operator Timewarner cable.

Mr Morand said that the Spectrum Livland shop "is still fully functional" and that clients can also use the Farmington Hills offices. Said the service is supposed to be improved with the changes. "It' s about our policy of servicing clients in bigger call centres where we can better service clients by using information, education and technologies more efficiently," Morand said.

"In our bigger centres, we had the ability to process immediately the phone conversations we had received from this (Livonia) centre when we made this notification six months ago. "All in all, there had been no staff reductions, even if the headcount in Livonia was reduced. In the long run, he said, "we are dedicated to recruiting 20,000 employees as we return call center work to the U.S. (from outside), involve our employees in production, and expand to satisfy customers' demands.

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