Yellow Taxi Company

The Yellow Taxi Company

Please note for your safety "gypsy taxis" and new trendy automobile services that are NOT licensed or regulated. What are the reasons for yellow cabs? 1907 the auto seller John Hertz considered his excess of exchanged automobiles and resolved to found a taxi company. Yellow was selected as the color of choice for taxi cabs. This was the outcome of a University of Chicago poll, which found that yellow is the most easily recognizable color.

The Chicago Yellow cab company of Hertz was the first taxi company to use the now well-known nickname. When the businessman founded the Hertz company in 1953, he also used yellow in the new company name.

The Yellow Cab is a communal arts room, meeting place and taverna in Dayton, Ohio.

The Yellow Cab is a communal arts room, meeting place and taverna in Dayton, Ohio. Formerly used by a taxi company, the premises are now one of Dayton's first meeting places! We' re in downtown Dayton, just outside the Historical Oregon District. There is a complete pub that offers artisan beer brands from the nearby beer-houses.

Our Happy Hours are open from Thursday to Sunday every Thursday and Friday from 16:00 to 20:00. Join us and experience the Dayton community scenery!


We have years of interstate journeys service delivery expertise. Because we know that you want to get there in comfort and on schedule, we are the ones who ensure that. Proud of all our cars, we work tirelessly to get you anywhere in the Salem area, no matter how poor the transport.

The necessary amount of patience is invested in communications and preparations to ensure your safety. We prefer full tuition, but we have some part tuition available. We' re looking for good guys, so come dress up for ERFOLG when you apply. PLEASE FAX: Looking for a first class taxi service to meet your company's corporate travelling needs?

We are where you need us, for all kinds of shuttles, transports and transfers throughout the Salem area. No matter whether you are a large company or a small company, you can rely on us to take you anywhere, anytime. Excellent customer care and professionality is one thing, but sometimes it just depends on the car.

They want a convenient, neat and relaxed drive, and we are here to provide you with just that. and large group transport. There is a large selection of models available to meet specific requirements, to include wheeled access models. Our company offers transport and related service for individual persons and groups. Our flexibility and large number of different car models mean that we are well prepared for all kinds of events!

All our courteous chauffeurs are fully qualified in driver safety and driver support. Our aim is to be innovating and economic in order to better meet the needs of you, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

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