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Supermedium class jumpers combining extraordinary velocity, value, coast-to-coast distance and progressive power. Those planes are setting the tempo. Long haul airliners ideally unite convenience, power and efficiency for flying long to short distances. At over 450 kn and a non-stop distance of over 5000 mph, these planes fly further, quicker and more comfortably than any other private plane.

Aeroplanes with propellers are the most economic option for traveling in the medium to long term. The operation of local aerodromes with shorter take-off and landing strips allows prop planes to fly at a speed of 300 knots and with a cruising distance of about 1,500 mile, with an mean flying time of about 3hrs.

The dangers of private airplanes.

SOMMER is the era in which private plane drivers like to fly in the air. However, the flight in summers often means storms and extremely changeable meteorological conditions, which can cause an accident. It is also good to think about a system that does not do everything it can to help keep these drivers and travellers safe.

Fly with small private airplanes is much more risky than fly with passenger airplanes. Richard Rockefeller's recent demise last months in a Westchester County, N.Y. housing estate was just the latest memory of the dangers. Every weekend somewhere in America, while this accident made headline news, there are small airplane or chopper accidents in which no prominent person, politicians or businessmen are involved.

Simply enter "Private airplane crash" or "Helicopter crash" in Google Alerts and the update will come periodically. a private two-engined private jets went down and broke out in flame, one killed and two injured. During February, a twin-jet airplane in Nashville failed to make a descent and all four persons on the ship were killed.

went into a shallow twist, fell into ice-cold waters and slew five souls. There was a little air crash in New Jersey just last night. In 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board determined that 94 per cent of deadly air traffic injuries took place in general air traffic. These include small private planes operated by enthusiasts as well as professional company jets in high performance planes such as the Gulfstream IV jets that went down in May in Bedford, Mass.

On the other hand, civil air transport had no deadly casualties this year. N.T.S.B. figures show that General Air Transport aircrafts account for an average of almost seven incidents per 100,000 flying hours, as opposed to an industry averaging 0.16 incidents per 100,000 flying hours among airline companies. Section 121 of the Federal Ordinance on Civil Aeronautics for Merchant Air Carriers, Section 135 for On-Demand Charters and Section 91 for General Air Navigation.

As General aviation regulations are more relaxed than for passenger planes, the risk is much higher. GA pilots may be licensed to operate a particular aeroplane with a relatively small number of flying lessons. The majority of general air traffic incidents include a kind of piloting fault. The F.A.A. aims to reduce the general aviation casualty ratio by 10 per cent by 2018.

However, it has stayed stationary, with the N.T.S.B. declaring an annual mean of 1,500 air crashes, resulting in about 450 deaths. Maybe the F.A.A. should demand that all General Aviation Pilots take out third parties third parties coverage that would compel them to undergo the advanced education that would be required by the insurers. Currently, there is no nationwide obligation for the owners or fliers of private planes to take out insurances to protect themselves against injury to persons or third parties on the floor.

In general, an underwriter is more stringent than the Federal Aviation Regulations in establishing a certain type of airplane to fly a certain amount of air travel time and may need to provide extra instruction to a pilots who is deemed to be unexperienced or has few air travel time. "Insurers are studying these stats, knowing what makes flights safe, and above all, they have a great interest in ensuring that the pilots have adequate education and experience in the plane before taking the risk," said Stuart Fraenkel, attorney and extraordinary lecturer at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

These lacks of federally regulated systems can have serious consequences for casualties. In the past year, a single-engine airplane plunged into a home in Palm Coast, Fla. It may be wise to ask the pilots for the meteorological forecasts - and if they have any insurances - before you jump into a friend's small aircraft with enthusiasm this past summer:

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