Vice City Taxi Mission

Vice-City Taxi Mission

In between GTA III and GTA Vice City Stories, the taxi can be used for taxi side missions. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has a Ford LTD-like taxi look. Serious Car Theft: Vice City These FAQ is for the computer edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. have asked: "I'm at 99%, what do I do" or "What do you get for 100%". Rampage, Hidden Package or Unique Jump, because there are also Frequently Asked Questions for them.

Their first goal is to accomplish all the storyline mission, the "main" vice city, Colonel Cortez, who is on his big ship in the harbor.

Vercetti, yes, you'll do some mission for yourself! Business. For the various business around Vice City. Transactions are: the asset values of them. Probably the asset values for most transactions will be closed by now. The last two mission you will get when you achieve this are two.

Closing " is the story of VC. Next goal... transporting 100 taxi passangers. 10 levels to get your 150 point rewards. Dull. Of course you don't mind, because you want those hard-to-find 100%! for every taxi, which means that when you type letter 3, your taxi jumps up in the sky. Tasks.

All 3 mission you have to reach 12, which is no walking in the garden. Defeat 150 armour to defeat 12 in a police car. Unlimited sprint to defeat 12 in an ambulance. Fireproof, is the skill you will have to defeat 12 levels in a fire engine. inside.

  • He complained that he had prevented her from getting 100%. Below. "The Cone Crazy " - Situated on the top of a multi-storey parking garage in Ocean Strand, the mission begins. The side of the arena that you go down the stairs is a green area.

and a Sanchez who also has a mission. To the shore. You are in downtown Ammu-nation and you have accomplished certain tasks from the major tales to the major tales. Small Haiti: on the top of a house with a "Move over Miami" made of weed. Well, the thing you want is the place just to the north of this meadow.

Western of the barrier you use in the mission "Cop Land". Links to it, which goes into the inner yard area of the housing estate. "Todestract" mission. Sea view: on the top of a house just below the Pay'n'Spray.

The last control point for "PCJ Playground" is located on this canopy. When you run around the pad and return, they should appear. Up the storekeeper and await him to drop all his cash. 1 ) Corner Store - Vice Point, a bloc just north of Shady Points Hospital.

2 ) Pharmacy (Pharmacy) - Vice Point, one block West of the Corner Store. The Washington Beach Police Department. Town. This is Rock City. 12 ) Deli - Little Havana, a road just off Ryton Aid. "It'?s semi-main" mission. Action. Those mission are given to you by homes in VC.

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