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A lot of airlines use additional fees to make their tickets look cheap. A budget for a ticket is optional. Cheap Lufthansa tickets for transatlantic travel. Given the increasing competitive pressure from low-cost carriers, Lufthansa is planning to introduce the new "Economy Light" ticketing this coming summer for passengers on long-haul routes to North America who want to pocket a few cents. Long range routes to North America are available at a lower rate, but without some of the benefits.

In Frankfurt, a spokesman said that the cost of light seats would be lower than the current cost of an economic chair, even though they had not given any concrete prices. Tickets will be available this year for Lufthansa services and those of its subsidiary companies Swiss International Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines.

British Airways, Air France and the large US carriers American Airlines and Delta are already providing such low fare options. Lufthansa's move towards cheaper seats is Lufthansa's answer to corresponding offerings from low-cost carriers such as Wizz or Norwegian, which also operate across the Atlantic.

Since October 2017, Lufthansa has been piloting the low fares for travellers from Scandinavia to North America, a move that, according to the Lufthansa spokesman, has met with great approval. Since 2015 Lufthansa and its affiliates have been providing tickets without extra baggage on their inter-European itineraries.

Lufthansa is currently evaluating the concept of offering free beverages and refreshments on short- and medium-haul services from Geneva through its Swiss Airlines affiliate. However, there are no specific blueprints to implement this for all Lufthansa services, the speaker said.

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