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Cheap airlines are a saviour for those who are expanding their travel money. Are you looking for cheap flights in Europe? We have more opportunities for low cost airlines in Europe than just Ryan Air. Here is the list of ALL low cost airlines in Europe.

It'?s a big suprise! A " new " low-cost airline for Europe

International Airlines Group (IAG) already has a ton of airlines - British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus - but they have just heralded a "new" low-cost European company that will take off on 17 July. If this were a fledgling company, we'd be more than a little concerned (and skeptical). However, the Level company already operates as a relatively new long-haul company between the USA and Barcelona.

We' ve even flagged the long-haul Level as one of the five new airlines in 2018 for its base services with old origins. With this new level release, the low-cost long-haul services - from Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco to Barcelona and more recently from New York City to Paris and Madrid - will be retained.

However, these costs (about $350 return flight, also from the west coast) seem derisory in view of the $30 one-way flight between London and Vienna starting on July 17 and the low-cost flight between Vienna and Mallorca. In August, the business will rapidly grow and open services from Vienna to Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Paris, Dubrovnik and a number of other towns in Italy and Spain, The Independent states.

Initially, the carrier will use four Airbus A321s for this short-haul project and Airbus A330-200s for long-haul services. If you are interested in the airline's convenient travel experiences (and fees), find out how to make a booking here: From now on, bookings will be made on the new intra-European services on Vueling, the Spain Low Coast scheduled short-haul carrier also belonging to IAG.

Levels has not yet indicated when it will be possible to make bookings on its website, so for the time being they will only be able to operate with Vueling's permission for the time being. Whilst no one here at Traveler had the opportunity to take the long-haul flight from Levels, Vueling is one of the budget airlines we would actually use.

Here is the hope that this new (ish) carrier will also meet our demands.

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