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Latest tweets from William Herp (@LinearBill): Williams Herp | Business Jet Traveler Founding a corporation was the last thing William Herp thought of when he got the aircraft error in 1996. He used the chance to take flight hours and get a pilot's licence, which he had always wanted to do. "He said I began to see the windows open to take advantage of the opportunities for very lightweight jet aircraft and an aerial cab comany.

He was then Chief Executive Officer of e-Dialog, an e-dialogue, an on-line digital media services firm that he established in the same year that he obtained his trial licence. "By 2003, however, this deal had come to a point where my daily commitment was no longer necessary," he commented. The aerial taxis based firm seems ready to seize the opportunities that Herp had in mind.

Until then, Herp is hoping to be an important actor in what he sees as a flourishing VLJ Airtaxi area. Very different areas, but they all share the brand of high growing capacity, and most of them also concern technologies that open up a whole new sector of the population. What is the difference between your Linear Air and DayJet models?

The DayJet offers a pro-seat solution. It is not our intention to make a pro-seat arrangement. Our belief is that we have created a full board mode engine that offers adequate expansion and makes us a fairly succesful aerial taxicab company. Rather, we see this as a low-risk, low-hanging option, while DayJet is a high-hanging one.

To be not derogatory - DayJet could prove to be a great deal, but it is a very risky offer in relation to the amount of money that needs to be invested to see if there are fruits at the top of the boom to expand the metaphor. Mean number of passengers if we rent the entire aircraft (currently an eight-seater Cessna Caravan) is three.

What made you decide to test the caravan out on the open road? However, this also involves a carve-out, which enables an on-demand carrier to operate a regular route with a round-trip rate of less than five journeys per week. 3. This enables us to use the caravan for regular services. They are not humans who have ever flew private.

Talking of "more affordable", you also say that you are offering "private air services at air fares". However, it is not unusual for someone who travels on a local base to do deals with air carriers to spend $800 or $1,000 on this type of mission. So let#s say you have three guys who travel, and they#re gonna spend $900 a pop.

We have many journey patterns that we can take with the caravan and soon with the Eclipse, which will allow us to make this journey for about $3,000 on a full aircraft charters. So, they are not low-cost carriers, but we attract public interest with the slogan "private flying at the price of an airline", and then we justify them with the sales crews who go on local daily excursions and replace us with full bus fare on the carriers.

What will be the cost of the VLJ compared to the cost of the caravan? Caravan rates are $895 per h and over 160 kn. You said you were mainly aiming at folks who had never flew private before. We said that we believe there is a great deal of potential in the local markets for small groups of travellers on local tours.

And who will be the first to see the benefits of a VLJ flying taxicab? On that basis, we have said that these individuals will be sharing a common denominator, for example with those who have a home at Martha's Winery in Nantucket. When you find the clients, how do you use the technologies to interoperate with them?

We have a feature that allows a person who visits our site to ask for a charters. Then there is a backend work flow that allows us to process this chart enquiry and make an offer, complete this sales and finally perform the servicing. One thing I've been hearing is that folks don't feel good about making such a big online buy yet.

It probably trains them a little, especially if they have never flew private before. on Martha's Vineyard. In my opinion, the full board version we are talking about will attract a different client than DayJet and is more likely to be targeted with the per-seat version, as the cost of the device is higher.

Here we are devoting our investment to technological improvements to this gateway, especially via the Internet, so that our clients can obtain prices and availabilities and realize that the service promise works for them and that it is as simple as hiring a vehicle. Now, I think that in five years' time the incumbent carriers will have enough spread to allow consumers to see that it is so simple to buy a plane fare or rent a vehicle.

However, over the years, the economy of small groups of local bus drivers is perceived as convincing, where they compare it to full bus fares. Our expectation is that we will be able to enter the airlines market and take a significant number of clients with us.

On the basis of the 10,000 persons in our data base, we believe that there is a great chance for the whole aircraft wing servicing we use. Didn't all the guys who flew with you? They' re interested in me. Approximately one in ten of that number actually flew with us. In a medium-sized corporate jets like the Hawker 800 you can look like you are in a passenger cabin.

Isn' a better way to compare your performance in terms of your business class? My last firm wouldn't stop us from purchasing bus passes to get three from Boston to Indianapolis if someone phoned them that we were trying to make a million dollars with them. We' re not sending her into BBC.

They will sit in all the medium places and be stuffed between all the folks who pay a third of what they did because they made the booking two weeks before. This is because it is a better way to get around compared to a carriage ride on an air carrier. 1996 he established e-Dialog, a technological enterprise for on-line marking, which employs today nearly 200 coworkers.

M. B. A., Harvard Business School.

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