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Do you need to void a non-refundable flight or hotel? Well, you may have choices.

Non-refundable airfare and hotel accommodations are an affordably priced way to stay on a single bill - until your lifetime is up and you have to call it off. However, what if you are not insured by the cancellations insurance provided by booking sites or your own plastic? Sometimes it is possible to void these itineraries without incurring the costs - if you know how and whom to ask.

New York 42-year-old Nick Brennan, who owns My UK SIM Cards. com, was in the midst of a long journey to London and Croatia when his mom had a heart attack. Brenan wanted to call off his journey to be with her, but between hotel accommodations, rail travel and a return flight, he had spent $850 on non-refundable reservations.

Rather than give up, Brennan made contact with each of his reservations. Both the hotel and the railway paid his dues because a direct member of his immediate household was ill. Airlines postponed his booking so that he could use the return flight that he had purchased in the following 12 month at any time. Los Angeles-based Valerie Joy Wilson, Trusted Travel Girl's Los Angeles-based CEO, said these non-refundable rooms or travel should not be abandoned.

You could make a call to Priceline to void a non-refundable booking and then accept the lost if the other end of the telephone says there is no reimbursement. According to Wilson, the way to get your cash back on non-refundable travel and hotel is to be persistent:

To do with a hotel? Don't call the hotel itself. You should speak to the carrier or hotel yourself and tell them why you need to cancele. Be sure to speak to a policy makers, not just the one answering the telephone. Make a point and be courteous before demanding why you have to call it off.

The majority of airline companies, she said, will be offering you a discount that could be valid for up to a year. This flight will not be cancelled and reimbursed, but you will be able to take it later. Hotel can make the same offers if you get in touch with them directly. "It'?s often a matter of the atmosphere of the individual who answers the telephone.

When you have the right people on the right phones at the right times, they can like you. "Non-refundable reservations can usually only be cancelled in very limited cases, unless you have a more costly cancellation for Any Reason policy. For example, you may resign if you become ill or hurt, if a member of your household does the same, or if a member of your household deaths.

While many booking sites, such as Priceline, Expedia or Hotwire, are offering travel insurance for a fee, these insurers usually only cover reimbursement for specific circumstances. The Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard's travel rescission and suspension cover up to $5,000 per capita per journey at non-refundable costs. The Chase Sapphire Preferred policy provides travel cancelation insurance up to $10,000 per insured journey.

Again, you cannot apply for this type of cover just because you no longer wish to make the journey. Refer to "Travel Card Comparison, Interrupt Travelling Policy" to learn how to protect tickets from various vendors, such as Chase, Wells Fargo and Citi. CAFAR ( "Cancel for any reason") allows you to receive hotel and flight reimbursements even if you are cancelling these bookings for causes not covered by your regular itineraries.

Those guidelines can be costly, with most of the airlines that offer them that offer them as an upgraded to a conventional trip plan. If you are looking for different types of polices on-line, you can be sure to be paying an approximate $150 on your life expectancy premium for a supplement to your premium rate. Failure to comply with all applicable rules will result in a refund of your entire trip.

For example, some insurers refund only 75 per cent of your expenses. Journey cancelled? Can your plastic refund the cost to you? Can you rely on your plastic cover?

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