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Are you looking a Mountain Aviation sucht einen Records and Compliance Associate. But Lone Mountain has worked hard on our behalf. Career Our company offers interesting possibilities for prospective staff and our needs vary from prospective aviation pros to experienced sector specialists. Please choose one of our vacancies if you are interested in working for the best aircraft charter, management and maintenance operator in the Rocky Mountain region. In case we do not have the possibility to match your qualification, please submit your resume by clicking on the General Resume Submission button below.

Recruitment requirements differ and you will be alerted when a position becomes available that matches your skills and experiences. Below you will find a listing of our vacancies:

The new Mountain Aviation owner wants higher altitude charters.

PROOMFIELD - The purchase of an iconic Rocky Mountain flight does not seem to exclude the possibility of progress. "It was really a search for a business with nothing but amazing facilities, and what Rich (Bjelkevig, the former owner) was building here was incredible," said Gregg Fahrenbruch, one of three developers who purchased Mountain Aviation from Broomfield in August 2014.

However, what was a $25 million a year airline charters deal promises to generate $40 million a few years later, said Fahrenbruch, who still prides himself on elevating the Mountain Aviation franchise as the new CEO. Whilst the infrastructural and returns businesses were in place when the new owner purchased the region's premier fleet and turbo-prop aircraft charters, Fahrenbruch said that bringing new web and mobility technology to the company's selling side was an important impulse.

Shopping is also enjoyable when you look at the portable applications that the business has used in an area that still depends heavily on tour operators or estate agents, as they are known in the charters world. The main gateway of Mountain Aviation is the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, although there is another major gateway in Boise, Idaho; smaller turnstiles in Fort Collins and Centennial as well as in Sun Valley, Idaho and retail outlets in Telluride and Eagle.

Approximately 60 full-time drivers, 25 mechanical engineers and 40 other employees work for the group. The Federal Aviation Administration is committed to keeping track of pilots' flying times, and it was there that one of the company's first portable innovation was implemented. "We' ve put all our drivers on the iPad so they can record their lessons as soon as they finish a flight," Fahrenbruch said.

Mountain Aviation's entire fleet is monitored and viewed in near real-time via the FAA's on-board monitoring system and via satellite navigation, although much of the on-board monitoring equipment was available prior to the sale. Fahrenbruch said, however, that the organization also makes this information available to its staff on (mostly Apple) portable equipment, along with most retail and other management information.

Driving Break said that the business has found a straight line relationship between the amount of times prospective clients need to find a good deal and the number of closed deals. In addition to providing portable applications, Mountain Aviation also provides returns for rebates on its website. It has also established two airline club airlines servicing Sun Valley and Telluride, which provide reduced and split fare to these cities.

MOUNTAine Aviation own and operate a young generation of approximately 25 Gulfstream, Bombardier/Lear Jet, Hawker, King Air, Piaggio, Pilatus, Citation Jet and Turbo-Prop jets, among them a Quest Kodiak capable of landing six occupants with only 800 ft of take-off and landing area. Furthermore, the entity has a similar number of aircrafts for unrelated use.

Four full-time staff members work at the Broomfield hangar alone, monitoring the servicing of these airplanes and also reporting them to the FAA in digital form. And there are four commercial agents who take charge of the mood of their clients, which includes the choice of drinks and the type of animal the dog likes.

Whilst things are going through a change, one thing is not the Mountain Aviation trademark, Fahrenbruch said.

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