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High speed Internet is often an ideal solution for businesses that are on the smaller side, but are still looking for a reliable Internet connection that offers them a faster service than DSL. The Charter Spectrum filters critical political information for the public as it sees fit. So three weeks later, I'm no closer to getting my business back on track! Check all Spectrum Television and Bundle offers and plans.

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After my father passed away, I entered my parents' home, and my mother entered the assistance system and "inherited" her Spectrum-bank. Imagine I have introduced e-pays through the Bank of America, as I have done with many businesses. Spectrum refused my August settlement for no apparent reasons. The Bank of America failed to contact me, but responded by not submitting the Sept. money.

Meanwhile in mid-September I was notified that my bank was past due and they would stop my work. That' s when I looked at the Bank of America and found the August payout refused. Tonight I filed an ePayment that covers both the month ($486). My shift was stopped a whole week later, with a note on the monitor calling an 800 number.

You couldn't tell me why the Aug was declined, but they immediately wanted to get my cash from my debit cards to re-establish the services. The SPECTRUM will make it possible to load multiple times for a whole months if you do that!!!), so you went to the nearest paypal. Spectrum has the right to withdraw funds from your bank accounts when you ask for them, and Spectrum will only take those funds from your bank accounts.

I plan to abandon Spectrum as soon as I find replacement web, fixed line telephone services and acces to all sport, natural, travel and networking channel I want. What about the $486 electronical payments? Spectrum confirmed to the Court that the funds had been transferred to the New York Stock Exchange, but it was not credited to my current balance, and the staff of the accounts office denied receipt of such a transfer.


Charter's Spectrum Sued for slower web speed

The New York prosecutor general is taking the USA's second biggest telecom provider to court, alleging that the airline was lying about the speed of the web. On Wednesday Eric Schneiderman lodged the complaint (pdf) with the Supreme Court of Manhattan after 16 months of investigations. Prosecutor General Prosecutor is arguing that Charter and its affiliate Spectrum have provided subpar service, with web speed slowing than the promoted firm.

Spectrum was known as Time Warner Cable before Charter bought it for around $60 billion in a store closed in May 2016. Cutterserman wants Charter to reimburse its clients for breached claims about web speed for a timeframe from January 1, 2012 to today.

Today's networked environment means that consumer speed is critical to myriad daily pursuits, from streamed Netflix shows and Spotify songs to payment for invoices, doing chores, buying footwear and chatting in online communities.

Spectrum-Time Warner's Prosecutor General's inquiry revealed that the speed of Spectrum-Time Warner was much lower than announced, with managers disregarding engineers' warning that the speed promises were not possible. Buyers who pay $110 per month for 300 Mbps were on averages and got only 85 Mbps, Schneiderman said at a Wednesday news briefing. Wi-Fi speed was on aggregate 80 per cent lower than the customer promises.

AG: A "business roadmap based on deception" The study found that in-house e-mails from senior management confirming their speed on the web did not correspond to what they had promoted. "It' s a coherent history of poor business results and a long-term business roadmap based on fraud," Schneiderman said. Spectrum-Time Warner also criticised the suit for levying $10 a months in charges for clients renting sub-par modem, which further decelerated the speed of the web.

While Time Warner managers continue to distribute D2 modem in order to reduce cost, the company's engineering staff recommend at least D3 modem in email. She said Charter had made "significant commitments" to improving Time Warner Cable's service since it acquired the group. "It is disappointing that the New York Attorney General has decided to bring this suit regarding the Time Warner Cable wideband displays that took place before the Charter merger," the firm said in a declaration.

Schneiderman's bureau began investigating slower web speed in October 2015, through a poll that asked New Yorkers what their real speed was in comparison to that of their businesses. "The New Yorkers should get the speed on the web they charge for. Many of us can afford one thing and get another," Schneiderman said in December 2015 when he launch the well.

Time Warner Cable had been destroyed by the Prosecutor General in the past and said in his Charter Communications Brief that the firm "has gained the lousy consumer credentials it enjoys". "When Charter first purchased Time Warner, Schneiderman alerted the firm to address Time Warner Cable's servicing problems, which included slower speed.

Last update: 8:39 PM PT: Added full particulars of the Prosecutor General's news briefing and a Charter Communications announcement.

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