4 Engine Private Jet

4-engines private jet

Lockheed JetStar is a business jet produced from the early 1960s to the 1970s. JetStar was the first dedicated business jet to go into service. 4-motor Biz Jet with incredible style!

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Lockheed JetStar (company names L-329 and L-1329; in the US army it is known as C-140) is a commercial jet that was manufactured from the early 60s to the end of the 70s. JetStar was the first committed commercial jet to go into operation. For many years it was also one of the biggest airplanes of its kind and offered space for ten plus two members of the team.

He differs from other small jet aircraft by his four power plants, which are installed on the back of the body, and the attached to the wing attached gas tank in the "slipper" type. VC-140B Lockheed. Two Bristol Siddeley Orpheus power plants were fitted to the first two prototype aircraft, the first of which flew on 4 September 1957.

Lockehed tried to sign a deal to manufacture the Orpheus in the USA, but when these talks broke down, in 1959 she redesigned the second Pratt & Whitney JT12s with four Pratt & Whitney JT12s. With 19,278 kg (44,500 lb), the JetStar is a relatively large airplane for its category. JetStar is one of the few airplanes in its category that allows a passenger to go straight up in the cab, although the gangway is slightly recessed so that the seat is lifted on both sides.

US U.S. environmental legislation and high levels of biofuel usage resulted in the 731 JetStar, a modified engine programme that added new Garrett TFE731 turboprop turbofans with a number of detail changes. Lockheed's 731 JetStar modified programme was so succesful that from 1976 to 1979 it manufactured 40 new JetStars, the JetStar II.

JetStar II were brand-new airplanes with turboprop power plants and overhauled exterior refuelling bunkers. The 731 and JetStar II offer significantly greater ranges, less fuss and better take-off and landing performances than the initial series. The JetStar fleet was 204 planes until its definitive shipment in 1978. Most of the originals have been withdrawn, but many 731 and JetStar II still fly in different rolls, mainly as company and private jetliners.

A further eleven cells were referred to as the C-140B, although the first one preceded the C-140As when it was shipped in 1961. Sixty of the planes were transported as VIPs from the 1989 Airlift Wing at Andrews Air Force Base. Those aircrafts were called VC-140Bs. During the 1970' and 1980', members of the V.I.P. transportation fleets sometimes acted as Air Force One.

A number of other nations, including Germany and Canada, have used JetStars as a means of transportation for their leaders and other celebrities. The JetStar I Business, an Executive Transporter with room for a two and ten-passenger crews, propelled by four Pratt & Whitney JT12A-8 turbojets with a 14.7 kN (3,300 lbf) thruster.

New JetStar II series launch, driven by four 3,700 LPF (16. 5 kN) Garrett TFE731-3 thrusters and Garrett TFE731-3 turboprop turbofans featuring upgraded refuelling outside fuels tank, 40 constructed. Modified JetStar 731 with four Garrett TFE731-1 turboprop TFE731-1s, and newly designed exterior tank. The C-140A flight calibration plane for the US Air Force, similar to the JetStar I, five made.

The C-140B passenger and freighter for the US Air Force, similar to the C-140A, five passenger and freighters. The VC-140B US Air Force passenger carrier similar to the C-140B, six made. Two JetStar 6 were ordered by the United States Navy, initially called UV-1, but not shipped. American Aviation Industries AAI FanStar Conversion with two General Electric CF34s instead of the four JT12 or TFE731 turbo jets first flown on September 5, 1986.

Only one plane was rebuilt. The Lockheed JetStar of Elvis Presley. M329J - The JetStar prototypes are being restored at the Museum of Flight's Restoration Center in Everett, Washington. This plane is one of only two jet stars with only two jet power units. The N777EP - A JetStar belonging to Elvis Presley in his later years, called Hound Dog II, is exhibited in Graceland, Memphis Tennessee.

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