Srilankan Airlines Office

Sri Lankan Airlines Office

Jakarta Office General Sales Agent (GSA) Indonesia PT. of SriLankan Airlines Ltd in Kochi, Kerala. Receive complete information about SriLankan Airlines Ltd. listed under Airline Offices in Kochi.

Opening of the office of the Sri Lankan airlines in Visakhapatnam

On Saturday Chief Commercial Officer, Sri Lankan Airlines, Siva Ramachandran opened the Sri Lankan Airlines Office (City Sales Office) in the Siripuram district of Vizag. Speaking to the press, Mr Ramachandran said that Sri Lankan Airlines, which focuses on India as a particular business, was offering launch service to Vizag Capital a few month ago and the feedback was so good.

The Vizag is an important place for us and the new Sri Lankan Airlines office in Vizag to meet the needs of the Vizagites who wanted to come to Sri Lanka and other places. Sri Lankan Airlines also offers package holidays between Colombo, the Maldives and the Seychelles and other cities such as Europe, Dubai, London and some others.

According to source reports, airlines are considering connecting with some Indian destination airlines to promote backlog travel.

Srilankan Airlines UL Riyadh GSA

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New SriLankan Airlines office welcomed by Batticaloa

The SriLankan Airlines Group has opened a new Batticaloa office to increase its presence in the Asian area. Said the carrier that this is Sri Lanka's 8th passengers' office inclusive of Trincomalee outside the capitol Colombo. The office will ease travelling for a large customer base in the Batticaloa County and mainly serve the southeastern area of the Isle.

These include reservation processing, ticket processing, prepaid ticket advices (PTAs), enquiries for specific service, information on tariffs, ticket processing, flight plans and parcels - basically with the same selling service provided by any authorized SriLankan Airlines office. The SriLankan said it has named The Traveller Global Ltd. as its passenger distribution partner in Batticaloa.

Batticaloa Office is at 373, Trinco Road, Batticaloa; Tel: 065 2229888/065 2228122. Senior Minister A.H.M. Fowzie, SriLankan Airlines Chairman Nishantha Wickremasinghe and the Chief Marketing Officer of the carrier - G.T. Jeyaseelan were with others at the opening of the new office. Picture of Deva Achchudan, Batticaloa correspondant.

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