Foam Jet Nozzle

nozzle made of foam material

Highly ventilated water figures of the foam nozzles are not dependent on the water level and are therefore surprisingly stable and lively. M 147.0 Foam jet nozzle 147.0 Foam nozzle 6

To be used with Karcher Electro high density cleaners only, as they are fixed with the protected Karcher rod connector. Allows you to set the amount of mix and the spraying stroke with the swirl of a nozzle. Behind on my products prime use - I much prefer using an electrical highpressure cleaner to a gaz as there is less noises and vapours, plus they are usually more cost-efficient to buy and run.

Using the electrical karcher also allows me to clean my car in the car park with the gate shut during the cold season and during the sunny season. Checking the proper products - With regard to this foam jet top, most foam cannons are only made for use with scrubbers, so this was a fine find for the Karcher electrical series.

Regarding operations and results, a suitable foam canon like MTM produces a better foam, but that's a scarce second when using both. Given that MTM and others need the use of a pressurized air cleaner and these foam guns are about twice as expensive as this Karcher top, this is a great one.

It' also far better than trying to use a foam sprayer connected to a normal yard tube or container mounted on most electrical high pressure cleaners. The reason I bought this bike was because it seemed to be better than the smaller 2.643-146.0 model because it has a bigger tank and the possibility to adjust the mix (foam density) by turning a button.

By the time I bought it, the verified version was only about $10 more than the smaller one. They can also perform a quest on youtube for Karcher Foam Canon and watch video of this and the smaller models in operation.

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