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Airways fare offer

Etihad Airways also works with Etihad Airways to offer flights from Abu Dhabi to Europe, North America, Africa and Australia. Check out the best Jet Airways India offers and fares at the Flight Centre!

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Air travellers may take with them a carry-on bag not exceeding 7 kg in total and 115 cm in length. Premium and First Class passenger weights will be raised to 10 kg. Each passenger can also take along a small device such as a purse, cloak, cloth, notebook, camera or similar.

Jet Airways free checked air travel will vary according to your travel location and the precise free checked air travel is stated on your traveler's itinerary. Escalation is available to 23 kg max. checkedweight baggage, which increases to 30 kg on some services, as well as the India-UK and India-Australia itineraries. Premiere-class travelers can carry 30 kg of checked cargo as default, on some trips 2 pieces of checked cargo up to 23 kg are allowed.

On First Class trips, this subsidy is increased to a large 3 item hold bag with a max of 23 kg per item. The Jet Airways system makes it possible to record the transportation of cumbersome objects such as sport devices as part of the standard free baggage allowance. Jet Airways also offers a wide range of options for the transportation of large objects. Categories of sport equipments that may be travelled under this Agreement are bikes, angling tackle, gulf kit, dive kit, skiing and boarding tackle, aquatic skiing and surfing boards.

These types of equipments are subjected to the usual extra charges if they exceed the free bags of the passenger. A baby travelling with Jet Airways may carry a foldable pram and 10 kg of hold bags, regardless of age. Toddlers up to 24 month of age can take part in rounds at a discounted fare, or a special children's fare ticket can be purchased if parent provides a children's restraining chair.

It is forbidden to take hand baggage containing cutlery, shears, sharps, implements, firearms and/or replica munitions.

Special offer for Jet Airways members of International Civil Aviation Association (ICAI) - student fares

According to the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAI) magazine, International Civil Aviation International (ICAI) has reached an understanding with jet airline ways on discounted fares for its members/students. The preferential tariff scheme for members and enrolled members of International Civil Aviation (ICAI) and their identities are determined on the base of their number.

In the following chart the main features of the offer are summarized: one-way and return trips on all domestic and intercontinental services provided by Jet Airway India Ltd. Stage II: The promotional codes will appear at the beginning of the booking procedure. Once you have entered the trip data (source, arrival, date, one or two ways, etc.), place the "Deal Code" in the "Promo Codes Box" at the top and click on the aircraft plate displayed at the end of the dialog window.

Stage III: Select the trip you want to take and click the Next icon at the bottom of the web page. Stage IV: If you are already a client, login after you enter your access data and if you are not yet a client, login as a visitor after you enter your e-mail ID.

Stage V: Type in your access data; after you have entered your data, click on the Resume your contacts link. Stage VII: The comforts provided by the airways will be displayed depending on your comfort level that you must select or omit. Stage VIII: You must make the necessary payments to receive the tickets according to your itinerary.

N.B. members/students receive the "Deal Code" in their Institute's email ID and are asked not to pass it on to other members/students as they can use all other companies' ticket. Exclusion of liability: Travellers are recommended to buy fares in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded by ICAI & Jet Airways.

A member of the Institute, whether in practise or not, may be found to have committed serious malpractice if he or she breaches any of the provisions of the said covenant.

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