777 Business Jet

D-777 Business Jet

Boeing 777-300, an elongated version of the 777, features an increased cabin length, a higher take-off weight and a larger luggage capacity. The first luxurious private jet tour from Hong Kong to Kenya and Tahiti. The Crystal Skye private jet luxury flights: The Crystal Skye Boeing 777 private jet.

777-300 Boeing Jet Charters, sale and lease of jet aircraft

Boeing 777-300, an elongated 777 model, offers longer cabins, a higher take-off mass and greater luggage space. The Boeing 777-300 is conceived as a substitute for the 747-100 and 747-200 and is fitted with a 33.3-foot hull extension that can accommodate 328 to 394 occupants in a traditional three-class or 550 occupants in a single-class aircraft.

The new Boeing 777 is presented by Crystal AirCruises: IMAGES

Crystal Cruises, the flagship cruises operator, has added a new cruiser to its portfolio this past Monday. However, the Crystal Skye is not the cruiser, the barge or the luxurious yachts of the family. That' s right, you can now travel the globe in a luxurious jet with Crystal AirCruises.

"The Crystal Skye is a perfect match for all things Crystal, with its exclusive styling and the individual touch it will provide visitors with," said Crystal CEO and Chairman Edie Rodriguez in a comment. "I had the privilege as a luxurious traveller aboard some of the best planes in the globe, and there is nothing better than Crystal Skye in the world."

Crystal Skye's inside is Greenpoint Technologies' work, the final stage of the project was at Moses Lake, Washington. "It was our aim for this programme to provide a luxury home environment that would showcase the sleek Crystal line that has been built with its cruisers, boats and riverboats," said Bret Neely, Greenpoint Technologies executive VP, in a declaration.

The Crystal AirCruises, a daughter company of the Hong Kong recreational traveller Genting, is expecting the Boeing 777 to be used both as a cruising aircraft and as a privately chartered aircraft for ultralights, companies and sport team. Boeing 777-200LR has a listed cost of 320.7 million U.S. dollar and that is before the million of U.S. dollar that Crystal has cast in interiors.

Here is a more detailed look at the Crystal Skye.

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