Associate Company Secretary

Assistant Company Secretary

Which is an associated company secretary? Beloved, ICSI members are divided into two categories: "ACS" & "FCS", which means Associate Company Secretary & Fellow Company Secretary. An individual has the right to register as a Fellow Company Secretary if he/she has been an Associate Member for at least 5 years and meets the requirements of Regulation 4(2) of the Company Secretary Regulations, 1982.

By admitting him to the FCS, he is authorized to use the letter "FCS", which after his name means Fellows Company Secretary, to indicate that he is a member of the Institute.

No 562,50 for approval from 1 October to 31 March.

No 562,50 for approval from 1 October to 31 March. i) Date of birthday and education levels (diploma and other qualification, if any) properly certified by the member of the Council/Regional Council/Management Committee of the Chapter/Satellite Section or by any executive officer of the Institute. ii ) two proofs of suitability from two members of the Institute who are at least three years old.

A separate application for admission as a member of the Charity Fund of Corporate Secretaries with DD/Cheque for case 2500/- issued in favor of the Charity Fund of Corporate Secretaries for Life Signature. Single payments (tax-exempt according to ยง 80G EStG). In my view, the applicant for admission as an Associate Member of The Institute of Company Secretary of India who alleges to have gained the necessary hands-on practice and completed the required hands-on education is a suitable and appropriate individual to be accepted into the Institute.

e ) is an employee for an uninterrupted term of not less than five years and has five years' overall legal, managerial or commercial expertise, either in a Group A capacity in the central government or in an equal capacity in the state government or municipal government or in a regulatory capacity in an organisation considered by the Council to be equal to the expertise referred to in clause (c) or (d).

As a member of the community, you are allowed to use the letter "FCS" after your name to indicate that you are a Fellow Member of the Institute. Prerequisites for admission as a Fellow Member:-(a) Form B request fully filled out and autographed. ACS & FCS member dues, i.e. Rs.375/-. (*) If the member dues for associated members have already been settled, then the amount of the differential of the annual member dues of ACS & FCS, i.e. Rs.375/-.

a) the employer's certificate(s) stating the date of accession/departure, the type of activities pursued and the activities pursued from one year to another and, where appropriate, increases of five years or the undertaking's financial statements for the reference year.

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