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Spectrum Communications Cable Company offers Internet, telephone and television services at affordable prices. Child safety Internet | Spectrum SPECTRO is a founder member and sponsor of Common Sense media (CSM), the nation's premier organisation whose mission is to provide the trusted information family needs to succeed in a fun and technological age. And we also sponsor PointSmart.ClickSafe, a countrywide effort by Cable in the Classroom and the cable community to provide parental resources for Internet security, content management, content management and music.

We' ve put the tech you need in your own hand to make it easier for you to keep track of your kids' fun. McAfee® Security Suite is bundled with your Internet plan to help protect your family: Find out more about Spectrum's Internet Parental Controls.

Contents of the Self-Installation Kit

WiFi self-installation kits for home use: It is also possible to dowload the manual for your modems and routers in English or Spanish or use it in your self-installation tool. Plug one end of the long coaxial cable into the power socket in the electrical panel and the other end into the radio port.

Insert the mains cable into the modems and insert the modems. Allow about two and a half seconds for your modems to turn on. Fasten the rack to the wireless device. Wire one end of the Ethernet cable to your modems and the other end to the Internet connector on your local computer. Insert the AC adapter cable into the wall socket of the computer and insert it into a wall socket.

Your wireless device is operational when the current indicator changes from yellow to red. Currently the luminaires for 2.4 and 5 gigahertz indicate which WiFi tapes are available. When none of the lamps are lit, make sure the ON/OFF switch is in the ON direction.

Plug a Wi-Fi connection into your Wi-Fi network: Launch the programme or software that administers the WiFi connection on your machine. It' imprinted on your computer and on the labels provided. You will also find this code on your routing system and on the labels that come with your self-installation set.

It is also possible to use another type of cable (not supplied) to connect the wireless cable from the wireless router (via port 1-4) to a unit such as a notebook or computer on your computer workstation. Please open your web browsers to verify that you are online. Navigate to an Internet web page and go to the self-activation page.

Choose Install New Service.

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