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Both taxi riders and overriders agree that they set an upper limit for Ride-Hail vehicles. While New York is considering new rules for Uber and other driving hazard businesses, one group that is often ignored has moved into the limelight: the thousand riders who transport New Yorkers across the New York metropolis every night. The desperation of their economy - underlined by six cases of suicide of drivers in recent month - has led the Council to reflect this weekend on a law that would limit the number of cars with lubrication in the cities and establish a minimal wage for them.

Taxi riders as well as over-drivers are confident that the city's suggestions will stop the tide of cars congesting the city's roads and making it easy for riders to make a reasonable livelihood. "Things will get better and there will be more pay for drivers," said S.N. Singh, a taxi rider for more than 40 years, on a recent early morning while waiting in the taxi car park near Kennedy International Airport.

Sometimes the driver has to spend two to three hour waiting in the parking place to be sent to a kiosk to collect a carer. Featuring an flow of cars from Uber and other driving rail applications, the driver have a hard period to find pax, and the transport is slowing down more than ever, Mr. Singh said.

On Wednesday, the city council is likely to decide on the proposal. About has launched an aggressive  and very conspicuous campaigns against the ceiling, but Corey Johnson, the council president, thinks she has enough backing to overcome it - a big contrast to three years ago when Uber beat an early ceiling suggested by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Laws would restrict the number of cars to the present levels by halting the issue of new car rental licences, while the municipality examines the fast moving industries changed by the notable increase in Uber. Road-haul operators could only introduce new cars if they were suitable for wheelchairs.

Mr de Blasio's support for the legislation would make New York the first big US metropolis to restrict the number of Ride-Hail cars. These rules could create a test case for other towns trying to curb Über. Their group has expressed concern about the recent suicide of riders, including three taxi riders, partly due to personal distress.

Taximedaillons - the aluminium sheets needed for the approximately 13,500 New York taxi cabs - were once bought for more than $1 million, but are now less than $200,000 in value. At the time of the proposal of the upper limit in 2015, the number of rental cars amounted to 63,000, rising to more than 100,000.

Taxis and overriders are competing on the street for passenger rights, but they find similarities on the cap. Über riders say that even after the provisioning of Über - sometimes more than 20 per cent - and after the payment of high vehicular expenses they fight for their good success. Without new cars to join the application, over-drivers say they will have less rivalry and could be spending more time transporting instead of emptying a passenger seat.

"There is a better opportunity for riders to get better rides," said Jacky Lin, who has been driving for Uber for more than a year and is part of another rider group named Independentrivers Guild. Lyft, the second most beloved application, has teamed up with Uber to defend against the cap, saying that nearly a fourth of riders could go due to routinely fluctuating, resulting in a lack of riders next year if a cap is adopted.

Lyft's leader say the town refused an invitation from the driving rail company to set up a $100 million dollar trust to help taxi drivers in return for letting them drop the ceiling. "Laws, as designed, have not really done anything to appeal to the currently most troubled individuals, namely taxi riders with submerged medallions," said Joseph Okpaku, a Lyft deputy chairman, in an interviewer.

About has sent e-mails to his fellow travellers asking them to resist the ceiling, and argues that it would increase fares and prolong waiting periods for travelers. It would increase the cost of renting Uber cars to those who rent their cars and establish a more restricted driver contract, said Josh Gold, a Uber spokesperson.

About supported a draft bill to the Council to establish a special law for least riders. "Mr Gold said in a declaration, "It confuses the minds that the Council would take measures to help riders with an income bill while at the same doing injured riders who can at least afford higher rents through a cap bill.

Über also argues that it offers transport options for drivers outside Manhattan who are poorly serviced by local transport or who have become fatigued by the ongoing collapse of the metro. However, Carl Dauphin, a taxi cabbie since 1986, said it was up to the council to contain Uber's growing business. Another long-time taxi rider, Yousaf Latif, said he had begun to come to the Manhattan area looking for a ticket because Uber had taken over Manhattan.

"There are not enough of us travelling in the yellows where we can live and remain in the city," said Mr Latif. A number of riders are hoping that the law will mean a comeback to the better salaries they have deserved in the past. And Anila Nargis, a Uber rider, said she made more cash last year than Uber provided better rider incentive.

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