Taking a Taxi in Rome

By taxi in Rome

Continue reading for taxi fares in Rome. There are also a number of advantages to taking a taxi. Tips from us: Staggering in front of the airport Rome Ciampino, our very first lesson in Italy, I felt insecure how to get into a taxi. Although I had informed myself about the Do's and Don't's to take Italians. Although I was actually at the taxi rank looking at a few tens of them.

My guesswork was that I had anticipated that I would see all the available cabs in a row or at least a certain place to be waiting for one. A few were running with available light in neutral, others had riders (without passengers) only seated with the light off, and still others were simply empty, without riders in view.

Having thought for far too long, I simply chose one with bright lights and a good mood. Whilst I was intending to say buona sera in Italian, I may have actually said buena suerte in Spanish. Comprehensibly, the rider seemed puzzled. And so I gave up trying to find a non-essential Italian and got down to business by saying the name of the place we were heading to as if it were a matter.

While I had practised saying the adress, the rider didn't get me, so it was good that I could just give him a sheet of information about it. MiTaxi - One of our Airbnb host guys was telling us about this application and it worked great for our return journey to the terminal!

Please use only registred cabs. Don't confide in a rider who comes near you or tries to bargain. Rome. Offical cabs are whitish with a bright red glow on the top. Prizes are determined by the town. Specific targets (e.g. airports into the centre of the city) have a firm rate. Coming from the Ciampino International Airports - There is a taxi rank right in front of the Ciampino International Airports and you should not go anywhere else to take a taxi.

There is a taxi available from Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 of Flughafen Friedrichshafen.

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