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You will find an overview of the individual tariffs here. REF: Public Service - Taxis. What are the taxi prices? The website contains fare information for taxis registered in British Columbia as personal vehicles (PDVs). Maximum charges for taxis and private rental cars (PHCs) equipped with taximeters are listed below.

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Records in the tariff overview of the civil services - taxi and their tariffs from 2013 are as follows: Overnight rate per kilometre (from 22 to 6 a.m.) (**) - Tariff 1: municipal or within the district, ? 1,25 - Tariff 2: outside the city or district, ? 1,90.

Taxi meter is enabled when the client gets into the taxi or at the point of call confirming the call to radio taxi; taxi meter is enabled automaticly with tariff 1 and kept as such when the trip is within the district area; it is set to tariff 2 when the district borders are crossed to take a client out of the city; when the taxi rider receives a call from outside the city, he comes to the client with taxi meter on tariff 1; and - when the client stays in the same district, tariff 2 is enabled from the point of the client's communications;

  • if the client travels to Padua, tariff 1 is retained; - if he travels to another circuit and the trip goes through the Padua region, tariff 2 is applicable if he leaves the borders of the Padua region; if tariff 2 has been fixed, tariff 1 can no longer be used; the taxi operator must notify the client of the application of tariff 2.

Public Transport Office - Tariffs

The website contains fare information for British Columbia registered personal vehicle (PDV) cabs. Prices are inclusive of 5% GST. The standards for flags courses shall be approximated to the closest level of nickels. When considering new taxi requests or requests to amend taxi tariffs, the Board may use the chart as a reference.

Aberdeen City Council taxi rates.

Max fees for taxi and personal car rental (PHCs) equipped with taximeters are listed below. An amount charged at the rate of 23. 00 per hour. Supplements 1 to 6 and 9 to 11 are valid for all taxi and personal rental vehicles equipped with a counter. Supplement 7 only for rentals that start at the airports and are served from there by taxi.

It is the duty of the Council to fix a ceiling which may be applied to taxi rides and private hire cars with taximeters which it authorises. Ticket prices shall be periodically revised to take the operating cost of the means of transport and the driver's period into consideration, in order to provide the service provider with a fair rate of profit and to promote the running of taxi services.

Comparing with taxi tariffs in other areas of Great Britain. It is possible for the general public and traders to take part in fixing the fare proposals and taxi companies have the right to lodge an appeals against the fare established by the Council before it enters into force.

Remember that a taxi rider is not obliged to accompany you on a trip that ends outside the town limits. However, if the chauffeur agrees to take you out of town, these ceilings do not hold and it is up to you to discuss the price with the chauffeur.

When you have reserved a taxi to come at a certain hour and make it wait, the taxi attendant can run the counter as soon as he has informed you of his attendance, and you can be billed the max. wait rate indicated in the rate. Taximeters include an elctronic watch and calendars and calculate the right price on the basis of date, hour and mileage.

When the car's velocity drops below a preset velocity, the taxi meters switches over from the price calculated on the basis of the route covered to the price calculated on the basis of the amount of elapsed driving hours. They can see the price on the taxi meters while the car is driving.

It is the driver's duty to take you to your final destinations by the quickest possible means. You must not exceed the amount charged according to the fares on the reverse. Remember that - (1) The price to be paid for the same trip on different dates may vary if the taxi has been stopped in transit and (2) a very brief trip may be relatively costly due to the way the counter works.

Fares also differ according to whether the journey took place in the evenings, on Saturdays or Sundays, or on certain bank holiday dates. When you are asked to contribute value added tax to the ticket price, please request a correct value added tax invoice. It' up to you to determine whether you want to tip the rider.

It' s a crime if you take a cab ride without having the cash to do it. Indicate the registration number of the car or its chauffeur and the name of the undertaking.

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