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Auto Pay RideYellow App discounts. Can you take a cheap cab ride? Contacts | Phoenix Ride Service Craig started the "Prius Project" on Earth Day 2008, drawing inspiration from his daughter's foresighted verdant perspectives. Prius Project" was designed to transform the aircraft fleets into fuel-efficient cabins with the launch of 20 strikingly coloured Prius lime-green cars. Rapidly exceeding all expectation, the airline currently has the world' biggest cabin hybrids in North America.

While the Prius Program has evolved from Craig Hughes' own to a corporate best practices initiative, Discount Cab remains committed to the importance of Earth Days with its yearly Earth Days campaign. Each trip on this date is worth one buck to be given to charitable organizations in each of the municipalities that serve Discount Cab.

Homeward Bound, Safe the Family and Emerge were the receivers of the Earth Day 2012 gift!

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We have been offering a quick and dependable assistance since our foundation in 2011, so that you can reach your goal safely and on time. All our chauffeurs are very skilled and experience in the area and can even arrange to take an ambulance to your area. Type the text you see above:

Action against discriminatory fee for wheelchair accessible taxi service

Phoenix, AZ - A putative class-action suit brought today in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona claims that Total Transit Inc. "TTI ", which operates as a discount cab, contravenes national and state laws by charging a $10.00 per ride charge - in excess of the normal rate - to people in wheelchairs because they need barrier-free cabs.

Southwest TTI is a major transport operator, and Discount Cab is one of the biggest cab companies in the United States. According to the complainant, Discount Cab's policies discriminate against people with reduced mobility and violate both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Arizonans with Disabilities Act. This action is lodged by three separate plaintiffs who use a wheelchair due to reduced mobility and need an elevator or platform to get into a cab.

Claimants have used Discount Cab or attempted to use Discount Cab, but have been encumbered or discouraged by the $10 extra fee for the cab ride. Claimants are served by Disability Rights Advocates and the Arizona Center for Disability Law, both non-profit organisations specialising in disputes on behalf of disabled persons.

Discount Cab in Arizona runs a total of more than 1,100 cabs, 132 of which are handicapped access. Throughout Arizona and in several other states, TTI has offices in Colorado and Utah. Discount Cab should give me the same chance to use its service as someone without disabilities.

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