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Note that the more accurate your pick-up address, the faster and more reliably you can get a taxi. Fi?akove Taxík vo najvä??ou, s najvä?

?ou tradíciou.

Journeys at the touch of a key

Select a vehicle that suits your personal taste and your personal budgets, and then adjust your position to suit your needs. Observe how your chauffeur arrives on the card. Evaluate your rider and make automatic payments via the application. We connect chauffeurs with the best locals at the best price.

How do I collect it?

How do I collect it? Remember that the more accurate your pick-up location, the faster and more reliable a taxi will be. In Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, for example, exactly the same addresses may be used. Indicating the location of your car helps avoid needless confusions, as well as any other information that may help your drivers find the right adress.

For example, an enquiry may involve a mini van, a taxi for the handicapped, a taxi with a child security chair, a need for small transports only, a companion animal, an atypical long haul, etc. For more information or to order a taxi, just call 0100 0700! When departing early in the day or at other fixed hours, we suggest booking a taxi in advanced.

In order to pre-order a taxi by telephone, please call 0100 0600. For advance orders, an industry-wide supplement of 7.10 will be charged, which will be added to the standard taxi rate. With this number it is ensured that the client matches the taxi that took the client's order. An order number given at the time of ordering is not the taxi's ID or number sign and does not warrant the taxi's return.

Order number is the number with which the order is transmitted to the automated dispatching system, where every available taxi is free to collect it. Normally your taxi will be with you within a few moments. Failure of the taxi to reach you within a reasonably short period of your arrival may result in several delays: adverse climatic events, busy nights and busy nights at nightclubs and pubs may cause delays in handling an order, or another client at the same pick-up location may have inadvertently taken the taxi you ordered.

In case an ordered taxi has not reached the adress within 10 min. or a pre-ordered taxi has not reached the adress within the arranged pick-up period, you should immediately turn to the disposition office. Scheduling is in charge of transferring sales orders to the driver.

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