Macbook Air A1369

Air Macbook A1369

MacBook Air MC965LL/A (July 2011) 13.3" Apple MacBook Air notebook with 1.70GHz Core i5 processor, 128GB SSD, and 4GB RAM, installed with OS10.10 Yosemite. Replacement MacBook Air 13" (end of 2010-2017) battery.

A replacement for your aging MacBook Air 13" battery.

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New MacBook Air (13 inch, mid 2011)

High-definition, LED-backlit, shiny wide-screen screen with supports for million colours. Driven by a dual-core Intel Intel i5 or i7 CPU and DDR3 RAM. 256 GB Accessible for Dual-Core 1. Progressive Intel HD Graphics 3000. MacBook Air comes with 90 free phone calls and a one-year limited guarantee.

This allows you to deploy an application from a disc or CD and have full control over an optional disc without having to lug one around. The MacBook Air is built with the following capabilities to help mitigate your footprint: WiFi Web Test tracks your power consumption by searching 25 favorite sites with 50% screen lightness cordless.

Stand-by test gauges your batteries by letting a system attached to a wired connection go into hibernation while Safari and mail application launch and maintain all system defaults. Accumulator run time will vary depending on use and setup. Wi-Fi internet connection will require a home office or other Wi-Fi point of entry and Wi-Fi connection; charges may be incurred.

The MacBook Air received a EPEAT Golden Award in the USA and Canada.

MacBook Air Apple A1369 13.3" Laptop - MC965LL/A (July 2011)

MacBook Air 13. The 3-inch notebook allows you to carry out all computer-related tasks elegantly and efficiently. Featuring a straightforward, stylish look, the Apple MacBook Air weights just 2.9lbs. Elegant silvery colour has a charm that is ideal for student or businessman traveling often. Easy to carry in a courier pocket, a briefcase or a rucksack, it does not increase volume or lose bulk.

Incorporated Intel HD 3000 graphs along with 384 Mb of installed footage can help keep this notebook running smooth no matter what type of medium you watch.

Apple MacBook Air also has several upgrade choices, such as two 2.0-Ports, two 3.0-Ports and a connection for your MacBook thanunderbolt. An additional Macbook extension allows you to improve the use of your laptops as you need them, while staying lean and effective when you're prepared to go.

Apple MacBook Air also comes with a 720-pixel, built-in high-definition webcam, so you can Skype with your loved ones around the world. Keep in contact with your loved ones on your travels or use it to get in contact with them from your home offices. The Apple MacBook Air is equipped with 4GB of memory to boost multi-tasking capability for higher throughput.

Apple MacBook Air can also provide modest gameplay for those who want a wide range of uses for their laptops. Apple MacBook Air has a body that doesn't buckle or curve, making it long-lasting and secure on the go. If you need to use your Mac in the office or during a corporate get-together, it won't distract you.

No matter whether you want to use a notebook for your office or home, the Apple MacBook Air has all the functionality you need to get fast results with the look and feel and styling you want. Its slim styling, 128GB disk space and 1.7GHz CPU give this MC965LL/A Macbook all-in-one looks.

Hopefully Mac would consider restoring the 17-inch Mac Book Pro. The best notebook I've ever possessed is actually valuable to have.

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