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Anchorage taxi driver attacked by assailants in less than a fortnight.

The taxi company said the attackers approached the dispatcher centre around 11 pm and said they had been barred from their cars in the West High School parkground. Long-time taxi operator Tony Dema, who is carrying a tall boy in his cab, set off to help them.

Dema's Dema vehicle's dash cam movie shows him winding up next to a darkly coloured limousine behind a pile of ice on the otherwise empty property. And Dema says it was a man and a wife. "Did you lock the keys in the car?" and Dema asked the two of them. When Dema had finished his taxi ride, he got out of the truck to help the beached inmates.

His wife struck him on the scalp several occasions with a metallic rod. Taxicab operator gave the attackers all the cash they had, that was less than 20 dollars. Dema bleeds heavily from his mind and says that he was able to return to his taxi and call for help. From Monday, he says he's making a good recovery from the assault.

It seems that the event is very similar to another assault on a taxi rider that took place only a few days ago. Thursday evening, a taxi rider was enticed into the Ship Creek area under the pretext of assisting a man and women who claim to be barred from their car.

This taxi driver was detained at arms, hit in the boot of his own vehicle and mugged. Checkers Cab proprietor Michael Thompson says that the unsettling assaults have led to a modification of the company's minutes.

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