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Helicopter rental

Helihire Ltd, Ngongotaha, New Zealand. Take advantage of helicopter rental to maximize your time. Helicopter charter and private charter is ideal for a variety of travel purposes, both business and private. Take advantage of helicopter rental to maximize your time. With our first class sightseeing flights &

flights, together with helicopters & private jet hire and flying lessons you will have a life changing experience!

Hubschrauber Rental

Are you thinking of the chopper because it's a fast way to cross outerspace? Hire one of our choppers so that you and your travellers can cover hundred or even thousand of kilometres immediately. You need a chopper to move fast? You can be sure that the chopper is the quickest and most efficient means of transportation.

Every request related to the organisation of chartering a chopper is calculated on an individual basis, based on many facts and figures provided by the client. Rates begin at PLN 2,200 per 1h for a 3-person chopper and end at EUR 2,500 per 1h for a high-speed V.I.P. chopper. There are many variable elements in the end fare, among which regulations such as take-off and landing location are of basic importance, the duration of the journey (for longer journeys the piece rate per flying lesson may be lower than for shorter journeys), the number of passenger and the amount of baggage (this determines which aircraft is selected).

Flights can be operated by sharing the cost with other passengers on the aircraft or personally with the pilots. Helicopters are the quickest on inland or near abroad journeys, and more efficiently over 500 km, but perhaps less spectacularly - an aircraft.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and find out more about our rates for renting helicopters. The most important part of your lifetime is the chopper? Use of the chopper will be remembered forever. Well, our chopper's landing where you're going. There' s no more dependable and thrilling marriage sedan than a chopper.

Not only do we hire choppers for engagements, marriages and marriages, but we also work with outstanding photographs to keep your moment of charm forever. When you have your own ideas about using a chopper during an engagement, marriage or marriage, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will certainly do it. Looking at the outside skies from a bird's perspective, you can sit in comfort on top of the chopper.

Which chopper will the plane take? Once you have chosen a chopper, you choose where you want to go. Especially thrilling are trips by chopper over the summits of the high mountain. Therefore, we suggest leisure air travel around the Tatras, both on the Polish and Slovak side. Exceptional speeds and efficiencies are achieved with the use of helicopters.

How do you benefit from the servicing flight? What kind of choppers operate a flight? I want you to go over your gear and get on that chopper. That'?s'cause heli-adrenaline is a dual dosage of epinephrine. How's heli-adrenaline? Adrenalin heli is all we have created for fans of extrem sport and increases the adrenalin.

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