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Our air fares are not marked as strongly as a typical travel agency, and we pass the savings on to you. Ask your airline for details. To do so could mean hearing about insider dealing and saving even more. Sales Airfare Sweet Spots (low priced Business Class offers). Weather is still good and there are many other offers and specials.

Last Minutes Cyber Monday Travel Deals Unveiled

Today, on the international Cyber Monday holidays, tour operators are battling for their vacation dollars. Whilst a good deal is really in the viewer's eyes, we present the best travel deals we could find. From NY Newburgh/Stewart to Bergen in Norway, Belfast and Edinburgh in the UK and Shannon and Dublin in Ireland, NY Newburgh/Stewart shares a low price: $89 from January to March.

Others are provided by NY/Newark, JFK, Boston and Providence. Norway also seems to be extending the services on the west coast, with services from west coast towns such as Los Angeles, SF/Oakland, Las Vegas and Seattle. Ft. Lauderdale/Miami has made some striking deals, such as $49 each way to Martinique or Guadalupe in the Caribbean.

Ft Lauderdale/Miami to Paris in January, February or March will refund you $139.90. There will be $149.90 in Barcelona and $159.90 in London Gatwich. If you want to visit Scandinavia in January or February, you can easily travel from Las Vegas to Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm for $149.90.

Busses leaving or leaving from the NYC Port Authority Busstation are designed for services leaving or departing from Stewart. Prices (well beyond Cyber Monday!) are $20 per way for adult, $10 per way for kids. The Hawaiian Airlines offers Lihue (on Kauai, the Garden Island) departures from $199, Honolulu for $239 one way and Intermediate Islands Hop for $69 one way.

Found a LAX to Kauai on January 16, 2018 and back to LAX on January 24 for $396. 40 return ticket. Though it may take some chasing, we were able to find a bus ride from LAX to AKL on February 22nd which returned on March 2nd for $770.96. offers a one-day saving of only $50 promotional codes. Just make your reservation by November 27, 2017 (hotel, airfare, show) and receive a $50 promotional key for your next shopping. Priceline turns Cyber Monday into a Travel Deal Day, with a new, unlimited voucher every twohrs. If you are the kind of individual who would like to open a "Mystery Box", you might want to update Priceline every few hrs on Cyber Monday.

Remember, if you're planning to fly to Qatar or any other location where Qatar Airlines operates in Asia, Africa or the Middle East, use the promotional key suggestion program available at Qatar Airport, and put some money back in your pockets. Talking of the Middle East, El Al offers roundtrip air services to Israel (Tel Aviv) from JFK, Newark, Boston, Miami and Los Angeles for departure from January 6 to March 23, 2018.

Cyber Monday offers begin at $699 round trip from Boston, $799 from NY, $879 from Miami and $949 from LAX. Booking until 28 November. American Airlines Holiday Page offers a BF100 $100 promotional offer to help you get the most out of your four-night American Airlines Holiday Pack.

Using promotion key BPF150, you can conserve $150 on a six-night holiday abroad.

These deals are scheduled to take place between November 2017 and August 6, 2018.

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