Taxi from Central Station

Taxis from Central Station

Taxistand Amsterdam Central Station: Taxi stand at the back of the main station. The online taxi cost calculator can give you a quote for your chosen trip. Flemington Station Taxi Rank upgraded.

main station

Leaving the house through the front door, turn immediately to your right where you will find the taxi rank. From Monday to Friday 07.00-22.00, a guide is at your disposal to help you select a taxi. In case you have reserved a taxi in beforehand, we will collect you right from the front door, about 15 metres from the front door.

Taxistand Amsterdam Central Station

You can find a taxi here. In addition, all cabs must be part of a group, an "approved taxi organisation".

Taxi stands are open 24 hrs a day. The booth relocated to a site on the northern side of the main station on 28 September 2015. In order to get there, go to the northern end of the station and turn off to the south. You will find the taxi rank at the end of the arena as soon as you go outside.

Taxis from Central Station to Amsterdam Forum - Amsterdam Postal Authority

Taxi riders who wait a long while for a make-or-break ticket detest all low-cost journeys, regardless of nationalities. I' d rather have given him a friendly tip in advance. "What's that got to do with anything? He wasn't Dutch and he did look Moroccan."

Approximately three good paces from the central block. Lovely little place, standing aside! When we last came by, in February 2017, we used Uber aplenty. Highest tariff was 25e, from the airports to the Elandsgracht, for two persons with baggage. Riders were all very friendly, regardless of nationality. Netherlands taxi driver are impolite.

When it is really necessary to take a taxi, think of a Uber of Call TCA instead of calling a taxi. Netherlands taxi driver are not impolite. A few of them are impolite and unfortunately most of them can be found near Central Station and Leidseplein. Most of the Amsterdam riders are respectable, these riders cannot bear the riders of the Central Station booth.

Too many respectable, courteous riders don't merit being described as impolite. Passengers have the right to take a taxi and the chauffeur must take you on board regardless of the mileage. Sadly, the vast majority in the vicinity of the main station just reject, shy away or charge outside the counter.

Passengers can announce them, but if you have just landed at the main station after a 10-hour plane ride from Mexico Town, 3 idiots approach and surround you in an awesome way that is not your first top-priority. It' s a pity that the tourists who arrive in Schiphol and at the main station are confronted with some of the most terrible taxi riders in the town, and that the ordinary riders in Schiphol and CS are called to account fairly, it is unlikely that an air taxi rider who has been waiting an hours for a ticket will be asked to bring someone to the M. residents or to a real estate within the airfield area, as they all have free shuttle rides.

So, a cab all over town was your only way to drive a mile?

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