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Private city rentals and minibuses. The booking of a private rental taxi should be easy and inexpensive. City Private Hire Ltd, Edinburgh, Great Britain. Private For Hire Transportation Program (PFHT) is designed to ensure the safe, fair and efficient operation of private rental transportation services. If you own or drive a private rental car (Minicab), you need a private rental car driving licence.

Private city rentals & minibuses

The reservation of a private rental taxis should be easy and inexpensive. When you want to receive an offer from us, let us know where you are and where you are going and we will be pleased to make you a great offer. Our quoted rate is the rate you will be paying, so don't be concerned about concealed taxes or additional costs when traveling with us, we'll keep you updated.

The Blackburn area is served with great satisfaction, so if you need a cab in BB0, BB1 or BB2, we'll take great pleasure in taking you there. 24/7 Call Center, so whenever you want to make a reservation or go on a journey, we are there for you.

Happy haulage and private car rental licenses | Happy haulage and private car rental licenses

Only owners of "private rentals" or driving licenses for hackney carriages may drive licensees cars. Currently, all licenses for Hackney coach cars available in York are issued - please contact our taxi license staff if you would like to be placed on the waitlist. Fill in and send back the Private Car Rental License request document.

Vessels shall conform to the specification given in the guides. Approvals are renew annually: Make an appointment with a member of our taxis registration staff for a car service at the Hazel Court once you have received your driving license. Testing of cars takes place each year before the beginning of the new approval year (1 June for HCVs and rotating for private rental cars with the date of first registration).

Approximately 6 month after first issue or after the yearly service, cars older than 5 years have to pass a security check at a time specified by us. Cars equipped with registered taxi meters (these are mandatory for HCVs, but optionally for private rental cars) must also present the counter for a check by the taxi centre.

The meter test is only carried out after the registration of the car. Currently, we limit the number of licenses we grant for the use of our Hackney coach vehicles. We have a waitlist for those who wish to request a driving license for a Hackney coach car if additional licenses are granted. Queue lists work on the basis of a "points collection system", in which those who are already in possession of a cab or private driving license are given priority.

Working cars must be smoke-free if they are used by more than one individual as part of a remunerated or optional activity, whether or not they are also in the car. There is a juridical liability of everyone who operates, inspects or administers licenced cars to stop humans from using them for tobacco use.

Non-smokers " labels must be attached to the Hackney carriages and private rental cars. Find out about taxis driving licenses and license charges. Paid license bills.

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