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This taxi service was used for our trip to the airport from our apartment in Le Marais. The G7 Taxi is the first taxi booking app in Paris and the Ile-de-France. The G7 Taxi is the first taxi booking app in Paris and the Ile-de-France. For all your journeys choose, book and pay your taxi online.

The G7 Taxi (Paris) - 2018 Everything you need to know before you go (with photos)

Sure you want to remove this query? In fact, taxi drivers who refuse to accept payment via bank card are customary here in the USA. I' d be happy if you would argue with them instead of just pay them or go to the next cab like I did. I' m an accomplished traveller and know when to handle the situations.

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The G7 taxi stranded - Paris Forum

My mobile has her operating number in my cubicle, because although I can talk in France, I don't take any risks with them. We NEVER were asked for a payment method (if I phoned the German or the British number). I am on the telephone with them for a short period of speaking to find out which number to call back and when to pick me up.

There' never a problem with a bank account. Well, I guess you may not have phoned the G7 - there's only one Parisian number I know. View your "New Releases" on your mobile and enter the number. In fact, it is very strange - and I don't want anyone to leave the mark - that they asked for a number.

Simple old six euro, punctual, never asked for a plastic number. 55-60? to the aerodrome (and I have never been billed the metre amount - always 55 plus pocket fee if we have Big Bags - that was only once). Okay, maybe it was 60 last year - but I don't really pay much heed to 5? when the taxi gets there on schedule and gets me where I want to go.

Sometimes we use (and have spoken to folks who use them more regularly) when we're in Paris at nights - no trouble, no credits, no fees - just a normal taxi that shows up and takes you wherever you want.

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