Cheap round the World Fares

Low around the world fares

Our world tickets include SWISS, Lufthansa, Finnair, Austrian, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and more. Let us take care of the difficult part and let the Flight Center find out the logistics. One example of a world trip with an RTW ticket.

Virgin Australia around the world airfare $999 at the Flight Centre

It' one of the lowest round-the-world rates ever seen. "To put this prize into perspective, it is several hundred bucks less expensive than the normal offer around the world, says Tom Walley, Flight Centre General manager. "You could actually use this rate to turn the world around for about $150 less than the costs of the least expensive flight back from Sydney to London".

Tickets are at least $200 to $300 less expensive than this tariff, which is normally offered for purchase (and a savings of $400 to $500 for those who leave Perth), it is also the first times that this tariff falls below $1000 this year. For Australians it is even better not on the eastern seaboard, the tariff applies to departures from Adelaide and Perth as well as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with stays abroad in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong.

The trip is scheduled between 25 February and 28 March 2019 and is part of a 48-hour airport. "As always with our lowest fares, we advise travelers to close the deals as quickly as possible," says Walley. So, are Worldwide ( RTW ) complimentary ticketing it?

How do you make RTW tariffs usable for yourself? Also, add some of your own cheap airline tours, for example a cheap round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or San Francisco. Or, if you're in London, make a cheap European booking before flying to Hong Kong.

"We believe that this is a gold age for travelers, and we see concrete proof of it all the time," says Walley.

Flying around the world for only $1,000? Affordable air tickets with ACHT bus stop in New York, Sydney and Thailand.

Seems ridiculously cheap, but it's possible to fly around the world this winters for just over $1,000 and visit eight distant places. Beginning in New York in January, the one-month journey takes you to Stockholm, Sweden, Bangkok, Thailand, Sydney, Australia, Honolulu, Hawaii and Portland, Oregon, back to New York.

Following three Swedish holidays, we will continue on to Bangkok, again with Norway Airlines - which has become more popular in recent years thanks to its aggressive low price - for 216 dollars. In Kuala Lumpur there is very little to see or do between 12:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., so in this case it is best to make a reservation at an international airline ticket office.

From Sydney, the route takes three and a half nights, followed by a $310 JetStar Airlines to Hawaii trip lasting nine and a half inches. The stay lasts almost 11 hrs, from 8 pm, so there is enough room for a cosy evening meal in this pulsating town.

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