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A taxi near you

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Very soon, taxi fliers will be hovering through a sky near you.

Unfortunately, it means nothing for the futures of airborne automobiles. So long as airborne vehicles are fuelled by traditional fossile fuel, they will not find their way into shared use. Aviation consumes too much fuel, and fossile fuel is too costly and damaging to the enviroment to be used for such wastes.

But the only airborne automobiles that have a shot at success are those that run on power, and only if we expect power to be plentiful due to the exposure to increasing use of photovoltaic power. Are all these innovative products going to result in a real taxi ride? It is only when the two things I mentioned in the initial article about airborne automobiles come true: they must be electrical and independent so that you don't have an costly (and error-prone) man-driver.

During the last two month interesting things have been happening for e-volo: the producer of the world's first certificated multicopter (i.e. a multi-rotor helicopter). In February 2016, the Multicopter was granted a flight licence by the Federal States. Pilots simply steered the car with a simple push of a button, and the Multicopter was strong and self-contained enough to hold its own automatic location even when the pilots let go of the push button.

Because of the large number of rotor blades and battery packs, the Multicopter can remain high in the sky even if one of them outages. As the Multicopter uses electromotors, it is one of the top contenders in the battle for the world's first aerial taxi. That'?s what e-volo, the firm behind the Multicopter, is trying to do.

ASM International says e-volo wants to open a new aviation taxi service niche. It is planned in the near future to use cars on certain specified lines where there is no possibility of collisions. However, in the longer run, they are already considering equipping the cars with autonomy so that they will be able to follow any route chosen by the passengers.

Passengers choose their destinations and the AI ensures that the taxi takes them there securely. Evidence is heartening to suggest that by 2035 aerial taxi traffic will actually become a fact of life, but the barriers are still out there. There is a need to design even more dependable private planes with enhanced autonomic capabilities.

In addition, electrical aircraft will still need a lot of power for high-volume use, and this power must come from an ample source: the sun. This means that we must also keep an eye on the development of photovoltaic power generation. Fortunately, exponentially, solar power is advancing.

So if everything fits together well, I stick to my initial forecast: flight taxi until 2035!

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