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air lights Phenom 300 is regarded as a Super Light Jet. Phenom 300 features a roomy cab, developed in collaboration with BMW Designworks USA, and the biggest luggage space in its class. The standard cab interior layout accommodates 6 occupants, while up to 8 occupant side sofa beds are normally also available.

Seat comforts, with inclination and full mobility, are increased by the best pressure among super light jet engines (6,600 feet max cab height). Phenom 300 has different pilot and passenger temperatures areas, a cloakroom and recreation centre, speech and communication facilities and an entertaining system.

Phenom 300's cruising distance is 1,971 sea mile, equivalent to the Citation CJ3 with a slightly higher 453mph (mach 0.78) cue.

"Ultra-light jets. 1 Super Light Jet charter company for charter flights! 40 Learjet & 45 Learjet".

lear jet 75, super light jet charter." Ideal for up to 8 guests because of the 2 set twin club seats! The Citation CJ4, jet charter in a super light jet! They are good for longer journeys, try them out! Class 70 Learjet, superlight jet! They belong to a category of light jet, known as super light jet, because of the larger cab and better outreach!

The Citation CJ3 Plus, super light jet! The Learjet 40, Super Light Jet are a great way to get around because of their diversity! Quote Excel, Super Light Jet are a very luxurious and a great way to get around, try it! Quote XLS, privat jet charter! Ideal for traveling up to 2000 mph!

The Super Light Jet can accommodate up to 8 comfortable occupants and its staterooms are larger than light aircraft, usually slightly longer and higher. You also have a better cruising distance than a light jet, up to 2000 mph. "Learjet 45xr" The Skywalker 45XR divides the same key characteristics with the Learjet family: velocity and power.

Offering the best ascent rates in its class of super-light corporate jet liners and a high-speed 500 mph to 51,000 ft cruising, away from commuter flights and potentially disturbing wheather. Learjet 45XR Super Light Jet is a great way to fly as it has an expanded cruising distance of almost 2,000 mile!

The Super Light Jet is bigger than the Light Jet and is designed for flying up to 4 hour long short-haul and medium-haul routes. "Learjet 45" Super Light Jet has a better seat than a light jet and can usually be equipped up to 8-9 comfortable. With just one call you will receive the costs for the Learjet 40 personal jet.

"Citation Excel " The Super Light Jet from Citation Excel can be very economic as they have one of the largest staterooms and have a better reach in this area. "Citation XLS " The Citation XLS cab is more roomy, the luggage space is greater and up to nine guests can be seated on board the Citation XLS.

Citation XLS+ is a good example of a super light jet: There is room for nine people and it has a cruising distance of 1,704 nautical miles! So, this jet is another great one! "Learjet 40xr" The Learjet 400xr is characterised by outstanding manoeuvrability, dependable system design and constant supply of fast, trouble-free flight services. XR represents increased cruising distance, or at least that's what Learjet thought it could do.

Gulfstream's G100 super light jet is bigger and more roomy than all super light aircraft and is ideal for flying medium to long distances. "The Gulfstream G100" Gulfstream G100 is a good option for charters as it can carry nine people and has a non-stop cruising distance of 3,300 nautical miles, making its prices almost on a par with super light aircraft.

Ultra-light jet, anytime, anywhere! "Light Jets" "Light Jets" "Super Light Jets" "Medium Jets" "Super Medium Class Jets" "Heavy Jets" "Long Distance Jets" "V. I.P. Airliners" "Turbo Props" "Multipiston Aircraft" SUPER LIGHT Jet, information! It is our belief to offer our customers a jet charters services that continues to exceed their personal jet charters travel needs.

"Phenom 300" Your timing, your private sphere, your preferred charters and above all your security are important to us. "Our jet charters service is aimed at a wide range of customers from all over the globe; no enquiry is too big, too small or too exceptional. "These planes are a great saving of your precious times and can take you to so many more airfields than airliners.

"The Astra was a quicker jet with a moderate arrow low wings pattern. From a technical point of view, the Citation Excel is a medium-sized jet, but still suits the super-light jet category - its cab length is 18. He can take off in 3,590 ft and ascend to cruising level in just 18 min, power stats resembling light jet aircraft.

"Pilatus PC-24" The Excel has in any case outstanding characteristics for easy operation, dependable system and a constant supply of fast, trouble-free flight. From a technical point of view, the Citation XLS is a medium-sized jet - its length of cab is 18. Excel can also take off at 3,500 ft and ascend to cruising level in just 18 min, power stats resembling light jet airplanes.

"In any case, the XLS has outstanding ground Handling capability, dependable system and constant supply of fast, trouble-free flight services. Citation XLS was a medium size citation based on Citation Excel, but could go further and further. Citation XLS+ is an enhanced model of the already popular Citation XLS, which offers better engine features and better engine response.

Learjet is a real competitor in the highly-competitive private jet world. His cruising speeds, cabins and technology advances are greater than those of other light personal jet aircraft. Galaxy Aerospace Corp. and its proprietor, Israel Aircraft Industries, have become known for their quality, dependability and efficiency in personal aircraft.

Capacity is more roomy, luggage space is bigger and can accommodate up to nine people. "The Learjet 40xr" Every year new versions of personal jet engines come onto the market, but only so often is a truly groundbreaking jet launched. Ultra-light jet, can accommodate up to 6-9 people in comfort!

Light jet, airplane charter! "The Learjet 45 is one of the few aircraft that integrates new technologies smoothly into a proven and proven older aircraft layout. You can expect its quickness and efficiency - as a Learjet - but its other characteristics together make a high-quality privat jet.

Meanwhile, the medium-term Learjet 45, which replaces the 35, is one of the few aircraft that integrates new technologies smoothly into a proven and proven older look. A Learjet, its quickness and efficiency are to be expect, but its residual characteristics together make a high-quality privat jet and the 44XR even more.

"The Bombardier Learjet 45 dominates the super-light jet segment and has the longest cruising distance and the strength to carry more people than any other plane in its size. It has a four-hour reach at full load and provides a comfort cab. Characteristics of the aircraft: closed toilet and kitchen.

"Our aim is to arrange outstanding charters and we will never compromise on your personal space, security or convenience. By using our Privatjet rental business you can count on fast turnaround time and an uncomplicated and simple reservation procedure. In 1968 Israel Aircraft Industries purchased the 1121 Jet Commander and produced it under the name Commodore Jet.

"Our consultants are available around the clock by telephone and e-mail to help you with all enquiries, queries and matters relating to personal aviation. 2. Every year new privately owned jet aircraft are launched, but it is all too often the case that a truly cutting-edge jet is launched.

Learjet 45 is the new and enhanced Lear jet of the Lear series. Forties with the right were a consequence of their reach; the Lear 45 only extended to this area. His cruising pace, his cabins and his technical advances are greater than those of other light personal jet. In spite of the high velocities of the Learjet 40, due to the aircraft's low weight, it is still relatively inexpensive.

There is a partner firm and they also do privatjet charters and are reachable under: Well, we can run your helicopter charters. When you need a helicopter flight for hire, please contact us: "Call us for personal jet charters!"

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