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com. Actually, there didn't seem to be any flights I could go anywhere to. The majority of people who look longingly at a small plane have never been in one before.

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Noisy, sweaty hell of little planes

I flew over Cape Cod in a narrow Cockpit and wanted nothing else but to be down at the shore. Writer of a flight hour, 1980. Most of the five years - from about fall 1985 to early 1990 - I plunged into the general aeronautics universe, as it is also known, built gradually and collected the various additional licences and assessments I would need for a career as an air carrier.

In the back part of my diary I have almost 1,500 flying lessons at the control of various engines like Cessnas, Beechcrafts and Pipers. Not less than 1,100 of these lessons were recorded as instructors and taught pupils to earn a wage and flew to poor levels.

To be honest, from my point of view this is 1,500 hrs - two full month up - which I will never get back. It' not that I don't relish the thrills of the plane. However, this is commercially and internationally aviable. Plenty of things about General aviation didn't please me: the lousy wages, the minute narrow squares that were either glowing or numbly chilly, the disheartening sub-urban airfields.

This makes me a snaob or heresy in the opinion of many privatepilots. This would be a steamy July or August and I would give lessons in a shredded old 172 over the coast of Plum Island or Cape Cod. I would be up there at 2,000 ft in this cliustrophobic dashboard, perspiration dropping down, literal elbowing my pupil, jumping in the heat of the squalls, ear clanking, hoars from trying to scream over the noise of the undamped butts.

It'?s a nice flyin? sunny night, isn't it? The majority of those who long for a small plane have never been in one. Piper Warrior's dashboard was designed with ergonomics in mind. The N9401X was the aircraft registry. Actually, this plane was the last personal plane I ever flew - one week-end in August 1990 to Nantucket, just before I went to Bodenschule for my first flight work.

Here is a recording of it, proud and radiant (however much a Cessna can be one of those two things) on the runway at Hanscom Field, outside of Boston. I' d be bringing John or Ben or Graham or Samantha Simpson - or whatever girls I tried (and failed) to dazzle.

However, the true excitement was not the downward spiral, but the swim at Nobadeer. We grabbed our things, locked the plane, climbed the 6 feet high wire and walked to the shore. On the other side, of course, it was the plane - the prerogative of flying - that made these reminiscences possible.

To fly is in the view of most humans only an uncomfortable means to an end. It used to take me a few weeks on a sailboat to get to distant lands and civilizations that are only a few miles away today. This is what I like to fly today (from New York to Hong Kong in a 747), and on a much smaller scale, this is what I liked to fly then (Hanscom Field to Nantucket in a four-seater).

Recently, Patrick Smith was elected one of Time Magazine's "25 Best Bloggers 2013".

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