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Coach & Fly: flight plus coach Where can I get a Bus & Fly tickets and what is a Bus & Fly tickets? Which are the benefits of a Bus & Fly ticketing? The Madrid (Terminal 4) connecting flights and land traffic has been tightened so that you can collect your luggage and get to your next means of travel in good time.

What is the maximum amount of luggage I can take with me and how do I inspect my luggage with a Bus & Fly ticketing? On land routes, you cannot collect your luggage, so you should pick it up at Madrid airport: Checking your luggage for an overseas destination: From Madrid Aiport, the bus ALSA or AVANZA will take you to the T4 docking area ( 1-4, at floor level).

Information displays will help you find out where to board your flight. As soon as you have left the plane, pick up your luggage from the belted and drive to customs. Then you need to go to the T4 door (1-) where you will find your ALSA or AVANZA bus (Level 0).

In order to use the on-line check-in of a tickets with travel to an overseas country, you should choose Madrid as your starting point. How can I buy a Bus & Fly tickets? You' re buying it the same way you' d buy a flight pass. Which documents do I need for an overseas trip? Validation of documents for an overseas shipment always takes place at Madrid mainport.

Remember to keep your passports separately from the luggage you wish to hold. Contact us if you have any questions about the materials you need for your final destinations or if you need to edit them. Is it allowed for a expectant mother to fly with a bus & flyer? Up to 27 week after your child becomes pregnant. Please contact us.

Examine how you can make your journey more enjoyable and what you should consider for expectant mothers and infants traveling by plane [Abre en ventana naeva]. Is it possible for a child or a minor to go on a bus & fly pass? Kids between 5 and 11 years cannot go without a Bus & Fly-Picket. You must always go with an escort.

To this end, a person who is 16 years of age or older on the day of the journey and is travelling with the child is deemed to be a travelling companion. 2. Persons between the ages of 12 and 17 are regarded as adult and can move alone. Is it possible for a passenger with specific needs to fly with a bus & fly pass?

Customers with visual and/or auditory problems can ride with these ticketing options. If you have other particular needs, please make your reservation with ALSA or AVANZA. Is it possible for a pet to fly with a bus & fly pass? Animals are not allowed on Bus & Fly fares as there are limitations on the land routes run by ALSA or AVANZA.

Blind Hounds are admitted at no extra cost for extra luggage if prebooked and as long as the flight is not to the UK, Ireland or Malta. Before purchasing your tickets, please review the terms and condition for accepting the transportation of blind dog (Section 5). Does a Bus & Fly pass include the food and refreshment services?

ALSA or AVANZA do not offer the meals and snacks in Economy or Supra class on land routes. May I exchange my Bus & Fly tickets or request a refund? Cross-country segments are always connected with a flight, so you cannot disconnect the tickets in order to use the different means of transportation individually.

What can I do to complain about a missing item or luggage? In case it occurred by land, please call the ALSA Customer Care Centre at 91 327 05 40 (8.00 to 12.00) or the AVANZA Customer Care Centre at 902 020 052.

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