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Large selection of private jets for sale. Commercial jets for sale from Central Business Jets, an international private jet broker specializing in the purchase and sale of used aircraft. An international aircraft broker specialising in lights, mid-range and large private jets sold worldwide with absolute transparency.

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Choosing to buy a personal jets goes beyond the comfort and versatility of owning it. Not only do we combine you with the privately owned plane for sale, we also choose the perfect plane for you. For every airplane type in the globe, we can create a full operational study, either per hour, per month or per year, providing you with the information you need to make the right one.

With over 30 years of expertise in selling personal jets, we have learnt a lot about the power of personal jets outside the posted time. Listening to their performances in the field, we get to know the specifics of each aircraft currently in service.

We catalog for every privat jets in the world: No matter whether it lasts two workdays or two years, your acquisition advisor will stay at your side throughout the whole acquisition proces. As soon as you have decided on an airplane, we use our expert knowledge to conduct your negotiation on your name. You can count on our hands-on approach to every step of the way, from the first negotiation through adaptation to the final game.

Through our broad sector expertise and dedication to customer care, we have developed a truly unparalleled purchasing and sales expertise where our professionals act as a partner rather than an intermediary. No matter whether you buy or sell, there is no better place to see a plane than our exhibition space. Once you have visited the plane, please enjoy our adjoining privately owned lounges, where a full-time escort will serve a refreshing and drinking session.

Please contact our Vice President of Acquisitions and Airport Marketing, Donald F. Gantt, for immediate help or requests for information regarding an airplane. Don and his commitment to his trade is unprecedented in the business today with a customer base made up of a who' s who of business, community and celebrities. Error:

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Here at GJS, we believe that a group is more than the mere combination of its parts. Our full-time employees maintain more than 250 contact points with decision-makers in aviation construction every day. Through our marketplace you can immediately exchange information and thoughts that are important for the sale and purchase of your aircrafts. The environment fosters synergies for a vibrant global effort that distinguishes our company in today's highly challenging world.

In addition, we use our own in-house property data base which has been fine-tuned over the last 20 years by our expert research staff so that we are one jump ahead of all others in the business. We update our information every day and offer real-time marketing studies available on our website so that we can offer the most complete website in the business.

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