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San Luis Taxi

Hello and welcome to the San Luis Obispo district. For all your transport and delivery needs, call our first-class taxi service in San Luis and Paso Robles. Biggest taxi fleet! Taxis in San luis, AZ with maps, local business reports, directions and more.

< strong>Large Sur tours available!< br>< br>

You and your belongings can be taken anywhere at any time - camp gear, bicycles, surfboards, etc. Contact our first-class taxi operators in San Luis and Paso Robles for all your transport and shipping needs. We provide California Coats with dependable, effective and on-time taxi operations. Whether you need a drive home from the airports or a drive to one of our many stunning locations, our reasonable rates make it simple for you to reach your destinations.

Serving the region's northerly two regional areas and San Luis Obispo Airport, our business operates smoothly from our Crown Victoria taxis. Be it for tourist or local, Surf cab offers a fast taxi pick-up and drop-off pick-up or up to three week reservations.

Customers enjoy transport to and from the many nearby vineyards, camp sites, historic sites and sands. Some of the places we have visited in the past included McDonald's, In-n-Out Burger, Taco Bell, The Great American Fish Company, Schooner's Wharf and McClintock's.

Buchanan's 722 Road 722 A St, San Luis, AZ 85349

The 15 minutes waiting time became 1 hour and 15 minutes waiting time. It took a truck to get five passengers on it, or I wouldn't have phoned anybody else. Then the man who replied blamed me for having to call a taxi to the same place the previous morning, and kept repeating that it was me who had phoned the previous morning....

It was when I said that I didn't call and it wasn't my fault that someone was calling a taxi and not waiting for it that he became very aggressive. That was the first call I ever made to that taxi firm. I agree. Whoever sends the cabs is VERY rude.

He insisted that I give him my instructions while I was not sure if I needed the taxi now. Good cabs, but the one that gives you the taxi is very shopping intensive.

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