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They may be able to stop a taxi, but it is a rarer event than in most cities. Taxis in Rome - Rome Forums Hello everybody, we are going to Rome for the first and I wonder how simple it is to get a taxi. Is there a taxi rank / queues in the areas indicated? In our wisdom this evening, there were no taxis available. Well, I think it varies with the season and the weathers.

Romans have big commuter trains, so I take them all the while.

So the only thing I do when I take a cab is drive to or from the airports. In Rome there are taxi ranks. It is probably best found in the Piazza del Popolo. Taxis will be here in three mins.

Roma taxi ranks where and how to get a taxi in Rome taxi ranks

Actually, the easiest way to get a cab is at a taxi rank. Above you can see a taxi rank. When you find a taxi that' waitin', look for the taxi at the front end of the line. When there are no taxi drivers wait, the taxi drivers line up at the taxi formation and the taxi drivers collect and collect the taxi drivers.

A lot of taxi ranks would not have a place where the taxi cabins could actually stand, so they were sometimes fixed. Which taxi ranks are in the Roman inner cities? Below is a listing of the most important Rome taxis:

Do you have a taxi stand at the Vatican Museum? - Roman Message Board

Do you have a taxi stand at the Vatican Museum? After a long Vatican trip we were weary in May 2015 and asked for the cost of a taxi back to our school. Other taxi riders listened to us and led us away from this taxi rider, and they began to yell at him.

Curiously, his taxi did not look any less formal than any other, but he was willing to overstate innocent tourist.

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