Apple Macbook Air Thickness

Macbook Apple Air Thickness

Check out MacBook Air specifications, learn what's in the box, learn more about configuration options, and get a list of accessories. As a result Apple removed "The world's thinnest notebook" from their marketing materials. 13-inch MacBook Air 2017 - Specifications Dedicated screen and mirrored video: Support full natively resolved screen at the same time and up to 3840 x 2160 pixels at 60 Hz on an off-site screen, both with million of colours. Customize your MacBook Air to order with these choices, available only at

com: The MacBook Air is engineered with the following capabilities to help mitigate your footprint:

Find out more about Apple's commitment to reduce the footprint of our produce and processes. You can also check out our Apple eco report for details on the eco-friendliness of each Apple item. With Apple GiveBack, it's simple to let go of your old Mac. When in good condition, you can exchange it for an Apple Store balance.

W A,m is the average A-weighted acoustic output value round to the next 0,1 B. L p A,m is the average A-weighted acoustic output value recorded at the user location (rounded to the next 1 dB). It is the statistic addser for calculating the maximum value of the A-weighted acoustic output levels.

Proven configuration: 1.8GHz Dual-Core Intel Core 5 processors, 8GB built-in logic, 256GB built-in logic, Intel HD Graphics 6000. Tests performed by Apple in May 2017 using prototypes of 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core 5-based 13-inch MacBook Air 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Engine with 256GB SSD and 8GB random access memory. 2.5GB SSD and 8GB random access memory. 2.5GB SSD and 8GB random access memory. 2.5GB SSD and 8GB random access memory. 2.5GB MacBook Air 1.5GB SSD and 8GB random access memory. 2.5GB RAM. Wi-Fi Web Test tracks your power consumption by searching 25 favorite sites with a screen light of 12 klicks from below or 75% Wi-Fi.

iTunes Video Player Test tracks your iPod's performance by measuring your iPod's performance by displaying your iPod contents in High Definition video (HD 1080p) at 12 klicks from the bottom or 75% from the top. Stand-by test is a measure of your system's ability to run on batteries by enabling a system that' logged into an iCloud user using a Wi-Fi connection to go into stand-by while Safari and mail application launch and maintain all system defaults by default. Additionally, it allows you to run Safari and mail application on your computer.

Accumulator run time will vary depending on use and setup. To download applications, you must have an Apple ID and a unit that is compliant with the operating system edition needed for each application. PVC free mains cable available in all areas except India and South Korea. The MacBook Air received a EPEAT Golden Award in the USA and Canada.

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