Cheapest Business Jet

The cheapest Business Jet

This is Michimasa Fujino designing this business jet. And the good news: "This is potentially a billion-dollar business," he says. With our world-class private jet charter and charter service, we guarantee the best aircraft charter rates and services.

Privately chartered jets, aircraft and choppers

We offer charters for privately owned aircraft, airplanes and choppers of all aircraft types, and luxurious flights at a fraction fare. Extremely lightweight jumpers (VLJs) are perfect for shorter and medium-range journeys. Because of their small dimensions, VLJ's can quickly fly long distance and can also arrive and depart from smaller airfields.

Show all Voljs. The lightweight jet is an effective and economic choice for flying over shorter to middle distances, offering outstanding flexibility, velocity and reach compared to non-jets. In addition, lightweight planes have the added benefit of being able to operate to smaller airfields that are not accessible to large commercial jetliners. Travelling at an avarage cruise rate of about 440 km/h and a non-stop distance of about 1,500 mile, lightweight jet planes take you quickly and effectively to your destinations.

Show all lightsets. When a more roomy choice is required, Super Lights are an evolution of Lights that offer greater cab room and luggage area. The SLJ is designed for small- to medium-term journeys and carries between seven and eight people. Featuring a greater reach of lightweight aircraft and greater cab room, the SLJ is both effective and cost-effective.

SLJs are also able to land at smaller aerodromes for a small rise in prices, such as those of lightweight aircraft, while at the same time increasing ride quality. They are a great way to fly, with extra accommodation and an expanded cruising distance to ensure a safer and faster journey. Show all Super Lights.

Mid-size jet aircraft deliver the perfect blend of economy, convenience and power. Medium class aircraft capable of flying further and quicker than their light weight equivalents benefit from an avarage cruise of 500 mbph and a non-stop max of around 2,100 mileage. Designed to give you the best of both worlds without compromising the capability to enter and leave smaller airfields.

Show all medium size aircraft. Designed as an appealing midway point between mid-size and large aircraft, mid-size superior class aircraft are perfect for those who need a little more load bearing capability, velocity and reach but don't want to be quite as big as large aircraft. Extraordinarily quick, silent and effective mid-size supercar aircraft are perfect for those seeking the comforts of a large jet and the flexibility of a mid-size jet.

Show all Super Midsize Jet. Large aircraft that rely on luxuries and amenities for long-haul flying are the embodiment of convenience and power. Of course, large aircraft can fly quicker and longer than their smaller mates. Offering averages up to 530 km/h and a range of around 4,000 km, large jet planes are ideal for those who want to be the first choice for personal jetting.

Show all large planes. From state to state or outside the state, ultra-long-haul planes are able to fly up to eleven non-stop flying times, which distinguishes them from most airplanes. Ultralong cruising planes are perfect for longer journeys and offer comfortable space for twelve to fifty people.

Extra functions for ultra long haul aircraft can be a complete menu item, restaurant facilities and home offices. Show all Ultra Long Range Jet. V.I.P. aircraft embrace the highest levels of convenience, luxuriousness and variety in convenience servicing. Under the heading of world-famous offers like the Boeing Business Jet, real home or heavenly offices are offered by executive aircraft.

Featuring plenty of room for passenger, baggage and even freight, these planes are the ideal option for those who want to fly extravagantly long routes without having to worry about restrictions. Show all VIP planes. Beyond reciprocating airplanes in relation to mean cruising distance, velocity and rideability, turbo -prop airplanes still retain the costefficiency of their reciprocating equivalent.

Using turbofan propellers, turbo-props can keep mean velocities of up to 300 mbph and achieve a non-stop cruising speed of around 1,000 mile. Turbo-props are most common for long-haul to short-haul travel and have the added benefit of being able to take off and landing from practically any airfield.

Show all turbo-prop aircraft. Especially useful for flying over small to mid-range distances, the helicopter is available in a large number of available helicopter types. It can also be used for other applications such as freight mission, emergency flight and multi-purpose transportation. Show all choppers. Turbo-prop aircraft offer large cabin capacities, complemented by the efficiencies of Turbo-prop aircraft.

Ideally suited for small to intermediate distances, turbo-props are generally more cost-effective than jet aircraft and have the added benefit of being able to touch down on smaller take-off and landing strips. It is this flexibility, coupled with high levels of passenger convenience and security, that make turbo-prop aircraft outstanding mid-range flying capabilities. Show all turbo-prop aircraft. They have an avarage cruising range of about 1700 mph and a cruising rate of about 400 knots, which makes them perfectly suited for flying over middle distances.

A unique feature is that local aircraft are usually hired by major airlines to fly between smaller towns or from major towns to smaller ones in the vicinity. Many travellers who are looking for non-stop connections will find this more convenient. Show all local aircraft. Aircraft for long and mid haul are conceived to transport large groups of passenger ranging from one to three hundred people per journey.

As a rule, aircraft for shorter to longer distances are equipped with a central corridor and three berths on both sides. Even during these departures, travellers can enjoy on-board fun and great dining and drinking choices. Show all mid and long haul aircraft. Long-haul aircraft are suited for journeys to many locations around the world.

They have a cruise velocity of around four hundred kn and can fly a combined five thousand mile or nine hour non-stop. They are able to carry hundred of passenger and also provide multiple classes configuration for maximal convenience, velocity and security in general. In order to ensure optimum spaciousness and travelling comforts, most long-haul planes have a two-speed cabin upholstery.

Show all long-range aircraft.

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