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Aircraft for the weekend hire

When you are a pilot who is legally "up to date", you may be able to rent an aircraft from a local Fixed Base Operator (FBO). One of the most popular uses of aircraft rental is to book an aircraft for your weekend holiday. Once you have purchased your private pilot certificate, you can rent the same aircraft model without additional instructions.

Hire a plane for the weekend

One of the most popular uses of airplane hire is to book an airplane for your weekend vacation. It is easy to prevent all complexities of business aviation, plus a 2-3 hours ride can reach a considerable distance even in the slower planes. Hiring an airplane just for this journey is not as unlike hiring it on a particular date, but here are a few hints that one should keep in mind. Your guide will help you find the best airplane for your time.

Make your reservation well in advance. Obviously weekend is a high popular day for practically any aircraft, so if you suggest monopolizing it for 2-3 day, you have to make an early booking. Falling under a large cockpit with lots of aircraft may not cause you so much concern, but if you share 1-2 aircraft with a large number of flyers, that's another tale.

Schedule the airplane to go a few flights a night. The majority of multi-day rents probably have a requirement in your lease that you spend a small number of an hour each working on the journey. However, this is only an approximate figure to demonstrate this: In this example you would like to take a 3 night flight and the mean requirement is 4 hrs per flight.

When your trip totals sixhrs per trip, you are flying 6hrs per 1hrs, 0hrs per 2hrs per 2hrs, and 6hrs per 3hrs per 3hrs per 3hrs per 3hrs. They would spend an average of 4 hrs a night every single morning, even if they did not flown on the second one. Even worse, you'll have to spend a few extra lessons that you don't want to travel, but some nightclubs won't if there isn't much interest this weekend anyway.

When you are going well beyond your usual range, don't forget to think about additional safeguards you need to take: aquatic containment gear, if you are going to cross a large stretch of river, make sure that you don't get to a necessary 100-hour service during your absence, etc. Think also about which kinds of flies could be different.

When you fly into the mountain, are you familiar with the dangers of this kind of fly? As you have to make a reservation in advance anyway, you can use the time in between to keep up to date and refresh all the rusted skill you need on your journey. Don't schedule a big 9 a.m. Monday session and suggest returning home later on Sunday evening; give yourself some room for the unexpected.

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