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" Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi)" is a song recorded by the Swedish Eurodance artist Dr. Bombay. Kolkata (taxi, taxi taxi taxi) texts: Taxi TaxiTaxi is a podcast that tells audio stories from the South Caucasus in a new way.

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Dr. Bombay, an excentric taxi rider from India, is working at his uncle's office and is happy to take his taxi despite his limited view and missing operating permit. In 1998 an additional musical clip to the track was made. Jakobsen in Kurtas, Peter and wearing black spectacles, is travelling the roads of Calcutta while colliding with foot passengers and rubble, stealing the lunches of an innocent restaurateur, similarly stealing a paper and hanging in front of his windows in a skate as various parts of the engines are constantly tossed out of the vehicle.

During the entire duration of the film, the activity is often reduced to a 180-degree panning of the taxi cabin, in which Jakobsen is overlaid with several cases of himself, seen with handshakes, dances, sleep, hanging out of the window and interactions with each other. Most of the footage was shot in Malaysia, as can be seen from the license plate numbers shown everywhere.

Beaver Bros. (??? ???)(2001~2003, with Park Joon-hyung, Jeong Jong-chul, Lee Seung-hwan) plays the musical accompaniment when Park gets a radish (sometimes another piece of fruits or vegetables) and tears it with his fronttooth. There was no original musical accompaniment, but this track has been in use since February 2002.

Also in the #900 special feature (with the 19 famous sketches) Yoo Min-sang was singing the reference to the third famous sketch (had Lee Suji ask) and was singing the tune short while he made a train like park.

Taxicab Taxi

Mischa Khundadze was knifed for organising philosophical talks in November 2015. As Elene Pasuri walks through the Tbilisi street, she gains a better understanding of how Nietzsche can force someone to use force. Adamashvili is a female countryside westernsinger who has never been within a thousand mile of the planet she is singing from.

In the other Georgia, is there a place for countrymusic? A firsthand report from the first battle of a military correspondent. Hi from Tbilisi! It is the first installment of Taxi Taxi Taxi - an introductory talk about us, Vladic & Billie, and the 70 different tongues (more or less) of the South Caucasus.

Extremely experiential, very recommendable.

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