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The lounges of the airlines are only open for invited guests - please ask your airline about the access rules. Pets may be accepted for carriage as checked baggage. The check-in process has been simplified for you before your flight taxi rides in Sri Lanka. The check-in counters of SriLankan Airlines at KLIA.

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The check-in and safety processes are carried out in our special terminals, specially developed for our customers like you, away from the highly frequented multinational terminals. Since our kiosk is situated in a security-controlled area, our shuttles will take you to our kiosk. When flying from an intercontinental destination, please go to the Cinnamon Counter in the Arrivals Hall after entering the country, retrieving your luggage and passing through customs.

You will be met there by our agent who will take you to our terminals. If you cannot find the desk or our agent, please call our ground personnel at +94 77 029 8755. As soon as you reach our terminals, our employees take charge of your check-in and safety checks.

For check-in, just go to the SriLankan Airlines check-in desks. We' ve made it easier for you to check in at our seaports. Check-in and safety precautions are taken directly at the jet terminal where you embark the plane by our basic co-ordinators and safety personnel at these sites. You will be met by our basic co-ordinator and safety personnel when you arrive at the airports, who will take charge of check-in and guide you to your flights.

Given that these airfields are run by the Sri Lankan Air Force, entry permit should be obtained for any vehicle or driver. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to call our grounds management on +94 77 029 8755 and we will be pleased to help! You can find a description of how to get to all our airfields from anywhere in Sri Lanka here.

SriLankan Airlines Baggage Guides: Rules and Regulations and Excess Charges

Fly with a smaller carrier does not mean that you have to loose the free luggage amount. Here you will find all the information you need to know about the free luggage and tariffs of SriLankan Airlines. Please always check with the carrier before your flight. What is the free luggage limit with SriLankan Airlines? SriLankan Airlines has different luggage regulations according to where you fly to and from, and what your cabin is.

For example, Dubai to Sri Lanka is a lightweight travel destination and the free luggage capacity is a spacious 30 kg in Economy and 40 kg in Business/First. However, if you fly with SriLankan Airlines to/from North, South and Central America, your free luggage will be calculated based on the number of items and not the overall weight:

Can babies get free luggage with SriLankan Airlines? Babies of all categories are allowed 10 kg free luggage, but the size should not exceed 115 cm (length + hight + weight). When you join the SriLankan Airlines Fidelity Programme, you become a member of the SriLankan Airlines Rewards Programme and are awarded on every flight.

We have 5 levels of members of FlySmiLes and you will receive additional free luggage the higher the level: if you know you will exceed the level, you can pre-purchase additional luggage by calling SriLankan Airlines Member Services before your trip. Charges vary depending on your itinerary, flying times and fares, but you can reduce your additional luggage charges at the airports by up to 60%:

Even if you still carry your old case, which weights 10 kg even if it is empty, you should buy a new one. While we know that cheap grocery cases are enticing, what you are saving in terms of cash will be made up for by the additional weights and a case that lasts a long time. Find out more: Take a look at our tour leader for your baggage that you haven't used before.

When you are on holiday in Sri Lanka, you probably have a different pack schedule than, for example, a trip to a European town. In addition to your carry-on luggage (which should not be heavier than 7 kg), you may also take one of these on board: Besides taking along your mandatory minibottles of shutpoo and rinse (the carry-on guideline of 100 ml of liquids in a clear, closable zipper is still in effect), think of minisoaps, mini-towels, mini-toothbrush and mini-hairbrush.

If you haven't yet done so, consider putting your money in a tray and download your book, guidebook and magazine instead of carrying them all in your bag or carry-on bag. SriLankan Airlines' free checked bags from the UAE are spacious, but there is no point in taking weights and place when you don't need it.

Are you looking for more information on free baggage allowances and trip advice to make your trip as easy as possible? Look at that: Further travelling tips: If you don't have any custard in Manila - have a look at our guidebook!

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