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Examples of FSI UBER/LYFT overdocuments for your purchases. Some examples are receipt word, Excel receipt, pdf receipt. Printing over receipts: Step 9 Any Uber receipt will be sent to the e-mail that is associated with your Uber balance. Once you have removed the e-mails, you can obtain the receipt for any journey you send back to your e-mail via Uber's website. Click on Receive E-mail.

Please click on the e-mail from Uber that corresponds to the journey for which you would like to send a receipt.

Failure to see the over document in your message will result in a scan of your spamming or junk mailing folders. Attempt to search for "About" in your mailing list to see all the e-mails you have gotten from Uber if you have problems finding the e-mail. Please printout the e-mail. Your e-mail printing options may vary according to your e-mail client and computer.

Opens a page previewer for the page you want to printing and opens the printing option for your printer: Gmail:, click on the symbol that looks like a printing device in the upper right hand part of the e-mail. Open the e-mail, right-click on the text and choose "Print". Click on "File" in the menubar and choose "Print".

Press Print. It is the large cyan key that is either found in the lower right hand side of the pop-up or in the lower right hand side of the screen. Open the Drivers website with your favorite web browsers. Sign in to Uber. To login, use the e-mail or telephone number and passphrase associated with your Uber.

Choose a journey. Touch or click the journey for which you want a receipt. Confirmation of the journey will be re-sent to your e-mail address. I' m not getting my e-mail receipt. Make sure you have the right e-mail in your Uberccount. Please call Uber Technical Support if yes.

Enter your e-mail to receive a response when this query is resolved.

Find your receipt for every journey

About is an innovative transport specialist. However, it is not free to use Uber. Somehow you have to somehow compensate for the services, and when you do, the business will issue you with a receipt indicating how much you have expended on your itinerary. Access to these documents is not always as simple as one might wish.

However, it is not out of the question - with just a few simple moves, anyone can see their receipt. Which information does your Uber receipt contain? Maybe you are wondering why displaying your over receipt is something you want to do to begin with. However, by far the most frequent reason is the need to present a copy of the receipt for refund or fiscal documents.

When you have made a passage to work (and your employers reimburse you as part of your travelling expenses), you must send a copy of the receipt to your accountsant. Or if you work for yourself and claim the receipt as a tax-deductible operating expenditure, you should keep a copy of the receipt with the corresponding record in your financial reporting system.

Which information does your Uber receipt contain? The Uber receipt contains a line-by-line break-down of all charges included in your Uber tariff. You will see the price you pay for the trip, any toll charges, supplements or charges and a tip if you have added one. The document contains the overall amount, the chosen means of payments and the date and hour of payments.

Here is an example of a traditional receipt (with some information like drivers name, destinations and payment number): Superfluous documents are easily understood, but not always so easily found. Fortunately, there are three ways to see your receipt: on Uber.com, in the Uber application, and in the e-mail copy of the receipt you receive after each trip.

With the Uber Mobil application, the simplest way to see your Uber receipt is from the Uber Mobil application. First open the Uber application and touch the top left hand button: After opening this menue, you can see a summary of past journeys. Touch to see the full detail of a specific document:

In order to obtain the necessary information, touch the place where the "receipt" is written: And if you would rather see your records via the Uber website, that is also possible. First of all, you need to get to your Uber accounts by going to riders.uber.com. Log in with your login data, and then you should see a page that lists your entire Uber itinerary.

You can view a detail document for each document by tapping the arrows next to each row: Touch View Detail to view the full document information: At the top of the page you will see the same full document and some other accounting useful features, such as a downloaded bill that you can store as an e-mail or printed copy.

If you have had problems receiving the receipt e-mail, you can also click the resend receipt icon. Last way to see your receipt is by e-mail. Über sends a receipt for every journey you make to the e-mail you have with them in the database (this is the e-mail address you used when you registered for Uber).

This is how your e-mail receipt will look like: You can see that e-mail reception is not quite as granular as the ones you can see in the application or on-line, but it can be enough for some things like your own time. Always contact an accounting professional if you have any doubt about how accurate a receipt is that you need to keep for various taxation needs.

You should follow the above procedure to make sure that you can receive your receipt for most use. Sometimes, however, you may get into trouble with receiving your receipt via e-mail. So if you haven't got an e-mail receipt for a journey, try the following debugging steps: When you use an e-mail client with a powerful spamming engine (e.g. Gmail), your receipt can go to the Recycle Bin.

In order to prevent this from occurring in the near term, please refer to your e-mail provider's whitelist of the e-mail addresses used to mail the notifications. Make sure you check the e-mail you have provided Uber with. Your e-mail adress can be viewed in your Uber Profiles, which you can reach by opening the Uber Menü and typing on your Profil Picture:

The section where we talked about how to see your receipt on line mentions that you can click the "resend receipt" link to send another copy to the e-mail that you have in the document. However, this only works for economic crossings, which includes UberX, ÜberXL and UberPOOL.

When you have made a complimentary journey like UberBLACK, you must take several different actions to receive a new copy of your receipt by email: To begin, please go to the About Help Center and choose Travel Questions and Refunds: Browse down and click on "I need an account for my complimentary trip" under the "I had another problem" section:

Please be aware that the above information is only an optional extra if you are displaying information for a past Premier itinerary. You ( or your company's executives) can create an Uber for Business bankroll if you want to make it easier to handle overdocuments. Once this has been done, you (or your employees) can use an e-mail to create a distinct corporate identity within the Uber application.

As a result, all vouchers are stored in a central location that your bookkeeping staff can conveniently retrieve, so they no longer have to be submitted by individuals. Hopefully this guidebook has shown you all the ways to see a receipt for a Uber journey. Should you ever have any problems with an Uber journey related to payment, refunds or documentations, you can always turn to Uber Technical Services for help with your particular problem.

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