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Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Clean Air Cab in Phoenix, AZ. Obtain instructions, reviews and information for Clean Air Cab LLC in Phoenix, AZ. New Vice President for Clean Air Cab Clean Air Cab has been a family-run enterprise since its foundation in 2009. With its recent recruitment, the taxi operator is continuing to use its trademark in this way. Steve Lopez's spouse, Ginger Lopez, entered the organization last months as the new full-time vice president.

Many years of transport sector expertise are brought into the company by Ginger. Your Clean Air Cab roles will include decision-making and public relations. From the outset, Ginger has been closely associated with Clean Air Cab as her seven-year-old husband, Steve Lopez, will remain Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He was a housewife who raises all three of her children under the age of six.

She likes to volunteer in her spare hours, travelling, studying and living with her parents. It is Arizona's first climate-neutral taxi company. To find out more about Clean Air Cab, please go to or call (480) 777-9777.

Sustainability, sustainable construction: Have a look at the "new" offices of Clean Air Cab.

"When you think of this place, it would have been simpler and cheaper to demolish it and begin all over again," said Ginger Lopez, co-founder and VP of Clean Air Cab in Phoenix. Her and her spouse Steve Lopez, creator and chairman, recently relocated their headquarter from Mesa to Phoenix and relocated to an ancient 1930' Washington and 40th Street Washington residence.

Had they demolished the house and begun anew: "You would never get back the 1930s style. You' d have discarded everything and you' d have forgotten history," said Ginger. but Ginger and Steve made it their own. "You' ll never find anything that goes perfectly with a taxi company," Ginger commented.

A taxi business is all about the situation, Steve said, and proximity to all important highways is a big plus. "Ginger said to me, "You think it's the place, and I think we can make something out of it. It was Steve and Ginger who tore up the old carpet to uncover a one-of-a-kind chestnut-brown cement underneath, and they also struck out the suspended ceilings to uncover visible joists.

Buying regenerated timber from Porter Barn Woods in Phoenix, they worked with Klein's Upholstery in Flagstaff to create individual desks and footstools from timber and smithy. George Monzures, a developer for Monzures Companies in Phoenix, worked in close collaboration with the ArcOne Associates team. "What we wanted to achieve with our sustainable approach and our own visions, he breathed into us," said Ginger about Monzures.

Clean Air Cab's new premises reflect only the environmentally sound commercial practice that Clean Air Cab has always pursued. "Some of the priuses push 300,000 to 400,000 miles," said Ginger. As an opportunity to explore the Clean Air Cab refurbished room, be sure to join Green Living's December Edition Launch party on 16 December.

To learn more about Clean Air Cab, please go to

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