Thai Airways

Thailand Airways

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Flights and Thai Airways reviews (with photos)

Thai-airways offers a great airfare, but the airplane used for the airfare is getting quite old. Thai-airways are always a pleasure to use for flying. Our crew will make your trip pleasant and always be there when you need them. In-light entertainments are simple to use and have an appropriate selection.

A350 is a very beautiful airplane, in which one can go... Useful? Because of the bad conditions the outward trip was retarded by about one hours. Our way back was on schedule, although the airfield was very well visited. On-board services were good and the seats were convenient with plenty of room between the front rows. ledeb84.......

to Bangkok for a brief 1.5-hour stop. The employees were diligent and respectable and the food was really good! Definitely would go Thai again. From Hong Kong we returned to Bangkok to take a plane to Chennai. Our initial booking had been postponed by about an hours due to the Manghkhut storm, which would have missed the Bangkok route.

and they put my missus and me on a list of priorities..... Twice I wrote a complain regarding the aggressive duty of 2 cabin crew on TG466 from Melbourne to Bangkok, which started on 21 August 2018 at 1515 and to which I did not receive an answer.

And the two cabin crew members who were looking after the leftside were shattered.... With Thai I bought a tickets from Munich to Sydney, the journey took 30 workdays. Since I was not clear on my return home because I also had some work to do for a few whole day, I reserved the tickets and asked the Thai staff by telephone if the tickets could be changed.

Thaiii said yes, it's not a big deal, and there..... I use Thai Airways on all my trips. Airplanes are always in good shape and personnel are courteous. From Bangkok and Vienna. You are a Star Alliance member, so you can earn miles on all Star Alliance carriers for travel not covered by Thai Airways.

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