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APK Taxicel Download - Free Travel & Local APP for Android

Ask for your service quickly, easily and uncomplicatedly. In Taxicel, the form of tendering is further developed. The request for a service was not so simple, just enter where we go for you and ready, without complications. In addition, you have a small step-by-step guide that shows you how to use it and get the most out of it while navigating the application.

With the screens, you need to provide exactly the service you need without the hassle. Configurable:eguro lo peides, eguro lega. A cada servicio es appendido imediatamente.

Download Taxicel Passenger 2015 APK for Android

  • In Taxicel you will find an online platform that simplifies and enhances your transport needs within the town. - You' re always up to date, who is your taxi and where is your taxi, so you can organise yourself without problems and hassle. - Besides, our exclusive recommendation system +GanĂ¡s allows you to increase your advantages and prices and share them in the group.

Don't you want to be remunerated by your taxi rides and also by your mates? That could help you saving a lot of your taxi travel times in the near term. A taxi picks you up wherever you are with just two taps on your mobile phone. Don't spend your free taxi money on wait-and-see, walk or compete for a free taxi.

Taxiicel makes the free taxi to you. All taxis in the community have the appropriate driving licences and operating permits. You can always use your historical travel information and use it to bring your loved ones peaceful.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a unique identifier that serves as your ID, allowing you to earn points on your own travel that you can use to purchase points for your next outings. Also, if you begin to recruit your buddies and others and they join the fellowship and they begin to use it, you and they will begin to collect points from the tours they make so that you can make a great deal of savings from your actual taxi.

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