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As FareCompare notes, the cheapest flight days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Southwest Airlines is not included in other airline tickets....

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We have said again and again that we use genuine humans, not computer programmes, to analyse tariffs. This is one of the reasons why we don't show and contrast the rates of Southwest Airlines (now the biggest US airline in terms of passenger numbers flown) and the other boys interested in computer program.

Indeed, Southwest forbids "any automated apparatus, programme or algorithm" to control its tariffs. We are not getting payed for broadcasting southwest facing traffic, so it makes no commercial point for us to do this, but hey, the other boys have MBA's and we were among others British and graphical major, so what do we know).

As well as the fact that the Southwest is big, they also have many non-stop itineraries, which, let's face it, is the reason why people would really rather do it. Not only do they operate these services non-stop, but often for less than other carriers. Here is an example: Suppose you wanted to go from Philadelphia to Las Vegas non-stop.

Of course US Air will fly this flight non-stop, but if you wanted to depart on September 25th (and many other days), for example, you would be charged US Air $149 per flight inclusive of tax, as this Orbitz Tomb shows (even Delta's airfare changes would charge you $114):

However, you would be paying Southwest, as you can see below, $99.40, about $50 less per way, or $100 less return trip. The websites that predict air fares or make comparisons with planes would openly lead you to think that your best business was $298 R.T. vs. $198 R.T. on this itinerary.

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Persons with variable schedules get the best rates. There is no magical time to buy a ticket, although there are less expensive flight times - for USA home travels it is Tuesday and Wednesday, and for overseas travels it is usually Monday to Wednesday or Thursday. Often you can often conserve several hundred bucks by traveling when walking is inexpensive, and sometimes it only takes a few short flights to optimize the data.

Locate the right match for your application and start earning up to 40,000 points or $400. It' s a disappointment that Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire and Expedia have pushed down their date finder flexibility tool, also because it puts a heavy strain on their computer system (searching for a pin in a dump is more demanding than looking for a particular date).

In the best case, these locations now only provide a one- to three-day date query. Below are some utilities we like to use to find the best deals. FlightsGoogle has two rugged Google FlightsGoogle solutions with support for ITA software, a tariff vendor that Google now has. Google.com/flights is for persons with certain trip details.

Google. com/flights/explore is for those with data flexibility and routes. There are no fare rates displayed for Southwest, Allegiant and some other airline companies, such as Turkish airlines, but there are most of them. Kayak, a metasearch engine and not an OTA (the distinction between metasearch and OTA is discussed here), has a rugged, versatile date lookup that is also supported by ITA software (see below).

Click the "Find more flight find options" button on the flight page, then select Flex monthly. Enter a date of travel and duration, either a singular number of night stays or a period of up to seven dates (e.g. 6-8 or 18-25). Southwest, Allegiant or Ryanair are not to be found, but you will find a large selection of national and cosmopolitan attractions.

From time to time, however, you can use the flexibility to click on the price found and find out that it is not available. There is no debate about a date price finder that can preclude ITA Software's Matrix Airport Flight Price Finder feature, but see why you shouldn't rely on it as the Holy Grail. Actually, we like the way Google Flights implements this information better.

There are many good reason why this new website under the radars is a very good way to find airfares. Type in a "to" and "from" airports and then a travel duration like "about two weeks" and you will see a Gantt Chart showing the tariffs for data in this area. A number of airline companies also have good flexibility in their appointment searching tool.

a great site to look for is your best fare finder. If you are travelling on a round tour, you must first determine your departure date and then look for your way back. As one of the changes United has made in combining the Continental website with its own, it has introduced an outstanding date flexibility feature.

On the " Flight " home page, select a starting date for the calender, a duration of the journey, click on " My appointments are flexibel ", select a duration of your visit and look. To browse United's complete 330-day, month-by-month timetable, use the forward arrows to the right of the calender.

Südwesten doesn't index its rates on metasearch or 0TA pages, but it does have an outstanding date comb. Southwest. com, as with other websites referred to here, does not holler this fact from its home page. Searching for the "Shortcut" Low Fare Calendar requires some work, unless you know where it is.

If you have certain data, Southwest now offers a versatile function for the price list. Type in your origin and your journey details and you will see a chart with the locations and rates for these details. Click on the "Show 30-Day Calendar" button on this great discount store to see monthly tariffs.

The Frontier Airlines website allows you to type in certain information, but by default the website is set to a 30-day schedule, which is very useful. When you travel within Europe, easyJet.com has a easy and efficient date flexibility utility. Simply click on the "Flexible for appointments" field to use it. It is interesting to note that the data is pre-checked, which indicates that Ryanair would prefer you to be agile in finding the cheapest rates.

Your price finding page is also great and has a card function similar to that of Southwest. AirLingus.com also uses data flexibility to look for departures and returns over a two-week timeframe. Britishhairways.com displays an automatic seven-day date bar and provides last and next days darts for further searches.

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